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My interview with Black Box 13

I was recently at Vamp'd in Las Vegas NV on Friday the 13th with non-other than Black Box 13. Todd Turgon (drums) Joe Nassar (vocals) Joe Weihl (guitar) and Cory Kay(bass). This group of guys Rock! This was their 3rd performance at Vamp'd. As always they put on a great show busting drum sticks and tossing guitar picks. Karen was also there snapping photos of the band. I have fallowed Joe Weihl since he was playing with A Grand Omen and i have enjoyed watching his performances and grow as a guitarist. This band has a lot of talent and I am looking forward to seeing them grow as a group and with any luck make it big time. My interview with them can be heard on www.risingeagleradio.com as soon as I can get it to all the other dj's. I will also put it up on my facebook page as well (as soon as i can figure it out) I hope you take the time to read this and check out Black Box 13 not only are they a great band but they are good friends of mine as well. So enjoy and thanks for tuning in........If you want me to do an interview with your band and your in Las Vegas hit me up i will try and make any show and post a review of that show right here and if you want your music heard on my show please check out the indi program on rising eagle radio the app is in my other blogs. thanks again and have a great day.......DJ Steve-O

something about me

Whats up all well here goes what i like. what does everyone like? lol good music good times with that special someone with family. we all like different thing types of music. well my thing is rock, metal, alternative, Indy. As long as it has a good sound screaming guitars banding drums and lyrics i can understand (lol) im into it local , main stream, unsigned dont matter i love it. I have been getting into radio djing for about 3 years now. started off on a web site called FUBAR.com a very social network. was fun made some friends had a good time. I got to talk with some of the dj's there found out how easy it was after i got the hang of it. The program we use is simple and handing off to another dj now thats the trick lol. I have fun on uncensored air time. we can play what mainstream radio cant. we dont get paid to do this radio djing (well not yet) will we ever? who knows but i love doing it. I get to go out see some local bands play. go to some battle of the bands see whos who out there. make some new friends along the way. couple of bands i have gotten to know was 13 Years i did my first interview with them. Joe the guitar player Todd the drummer and James the bass player all good guys. James has moved on to other projects but Joe and Todd are still playing together now Black Box 13 they have a good sound new lead singer and bass player (from Zombie shaker box) im looking forward to hearing more from them. Zombie Shaker Box is another local band i like seeing play lots of fun to watch. Bipolar is another one Charlie can really belt out the screams (id hate to get into an argument with her wow can she scream) Old Man Syndrome is another one. Seven Leaf Green .Mindflow out of Brazil is some of the best music i have come across. They are with Rage On Stage management here in the states.Core Effect is not local to me but out of Detroit MI good sound good bunch of guys one day ill get to see them. Facedown is a band thats been around for a long while 10 years i believe. they have a very distinctive sound if you heard them you would never forget them. Crash Kit has a great sound good driving music and vocals. i dont know all the bands or have seen each one live (yet) but as i see them i will be blogging about them trying to get interviews with them and posting them here. as well as airing them on www.risingeagleradio.com. me and dj hotpants (sami) are trying to put together 8 hrs of independant artist to showcase for a show to air once a week. her and I will not be on at the same time but back to back 4 hr spots. on my regular show i will play what i have. So if your a band thats wants some free advertizing / promotions anything let me know and i will hook you up. well thats a lil about me. beside that i am married to the most wonderful woman on earth. shes my reason . we have only been married a short time but i have known her since high school. i was too shy back then to make my move but im glad i did last year. she is the best my true better half. i wont get off on that tangent cause well be here all day. well i hope you enjoy this read and look me up i am home every other month due to my real job as a commercial dive boat captain (4 point anchor boat) take care and keep rocking