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Writing (Sad Emotions Inspiration)

Remembering the last time I felt you_ near me . . once you walked out my life I've never since been the same . . and living isn't living without you.. I have tried to hide this pain inside but its been eating me alive peices of you, I still carry deep within me once colorful dreams, now just cold endless thoughts filled with faded grey memories, that seem to never die...

Writing & Thoughts

do you - - rememeber the last - time - broken not lost - - peices of you falling out of me . . . a tired search for answers - - left me standing right here - with painful memories of our last goodbye... to one end - - another beginging in my world - - a new reason for living - -

Just Some Writing... (Day Dreams)

Pre-Tending that I already found you!, waiting for the moment our lips touch...Lost within an enternal fire just burning for you.. Take me I'm yours, do what you will to me..