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PICTURE ME BROKEN: It's no wonder Pmb's DEAREST(I'M SORRY) Was added to rockbands 2010 release. i had to turn down the sound at my first listen brooklyns screamo came out of nowhere like a barroom sock in the eye.after listening to all pmbs songs i was blown away by pmb's skill level and not just to the singing though brooklyn's is as good as anyone's in the biz to day...conner lungs fast paced beats & austin dunn's bass give pmb an in your face rhythm section def one of the best back beat duo's in new music,on lead guitar they've got Nick Loiacono & Will Escher on rhythm to make a sound full of depth. i personally don't buy the paramore comparison. in my eye's(or ears) PICTURE ME BROKEN is or will be better given they're ages.Picture Me Broken has an attitude that has put screemo in the forefront of modern new music and a lyrical truth that say's it all and shows no fear..something rare in american youth bands....truth and angst i've only heard lately from the uk screemo acts like continants and hott damn...And brooklyn and co. are changing the genre...well worth goggling. PICTURE ME BROKEN ARE Layla Brooklyn Allman [Vox/Synth/Estrogen] Nick Loiacono [Lead Guitar/Face Exploder] Will Escher [Rhythm Guitar/Lady Killer] Austin Dunn [Bass/Looks] Connor Lung [Drums/Personality & Looks] The album is "WIDE AWAKE" and it's out now.. and you can find out more about "PICTURE ME BROKEN" @http://www.myspace.com/picturemebroken AND ON FACEBOOK @http://www.facebook.com/pages/profile/100055495387 http://www.purevolume.com//picturemebroken OR AT THEY'RE OWN WEBSITE @http://www.picturemebroken.com/... ~ROQIN~


Baby abi and i first meet SKITTISH ITZ in jerome idaho on aug 7th 1020...It was at the jerome county fair battle of the bands....the show started early. and with a crowd of deathmetal fans there waiting for the twin falls fave to come on we witnessed it....the bIggest roQ~n~roll upset the the battles history.....From the first tune skittish had baby abi dancing on her seat...By the second song she was dancing in the isle...Befor the third tune abi asked? they the winners pappa?...And as i saw the ROQ NATION (LOCAL CHRISROQ RADIO AND CHRISROQ.COMERS) start to fill the bleachers to see this energetic...entousiastic having way to much fun doing what they do group of kids....I knew then and there we we're seeing it, The upset...The punkdom(though as a punk i am bias)...we we're seeing idahos answer to huey lewis and the news meets oingo boingo... Of course they pulled it off and while talking to the band after they're set and hearing them tell me they don't want to make money..They just want to play...I know that abi had picked the best band to win....And now abi is two for two in jerome roq~n~roll...we proudly give yoU SKITTISHITZ: Formed in September of 2006, SKiTTiSH iTZ brings the catchy pop-punk sound of over a decade ago to today! Influenced by bands like Lagwagon, NOFX, Ten Foot Pole, Goldfinger, Less Than Jake, Streetlight Manifesto, and The Vandals, these guys are trying to keep things fun and carefree in a modern music world full of serious, outplayed messages of betrayal, heartbreak, and high school politics. Give them a listen and you will soon find out that music is just too fun to take seriously!...YOU CAN FIND SKITTISHITZ AT ANY CHRISROQ.COM OR HERE:http://www.myspace.com/skittishitz ON REVERBNATION AT:http://www.reverbnation.com/c./a4/2237373/879665/Artist/626766/Venue/link AS WELL AS ON PUREVOLUME AND ON FACEBOOK

chrisroq.com reality show

alright roq stars,soon to be roq stars, and evil roqin minions: heres my idea for a reality show. MYSPACE/CHRISROQCOM is growing by leaps and bounds. we've gone to the leval of bands begging us to add them.they're fan base is growing due to us they're itune sales are up. and according to reverbnation.com we are the most visited site in our area. (and baby abi is the roqnroll princess).so it's almost time to take it on the road.while thinking of new ways to get our friends heard and played i came up with tis idea.tell me what you think(not that i care i'm goona push it anyway). i get on the bus and go visit our featured artist of week and do stuff for them, pass out flyers for they're shows set up eqipment,wash they're bus ,what ever and i hit the streets and talk people in to going to they're shows that normaly would not.sound boring?....come on now this is me we're talking about...i'm CHRIS FREAKIN ROQ....and some times i take big mamma and baby abi with me...it's jon&kate+baby abi+heavymetal...what could be more enertaining....abi's cutes , my ego, and a metal band counting on me to make em famous....let's all help me make this happen.....DO IT NOW