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Where in the world is...

Hey All, So lots has been going on over the last few weeks since I updated. The show is growing really fast. I'm needing "sponsors" if you will, to help keep us growing. Being a single mom of two boys its already hard enough. But well worth it :) So if anyone would like to sponsor a little big Independent radio show...lemme know. Purtty please :) We have met some great artists along the way. Some great people to interview. I think I am more excited about all this then a pig in mud :)


Me and Scotty are always looking for new bands to promote on our radio show. Sometimes it can be really difficult find the right songs and the right vibe for our show, but somehow amazing bands and songs always find us. :) Its a great blessings. Hopefully through Music we can help a few deserving peeps and lift someones day.