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What music means to me!

Music is just my world! I grew up around rock music of all kinds from when it began to now a day rock. I grew up off of ACDC, Kiss, Black Sabbath I believe, Ozzy Osborne. Some others as well. I also grew up off of Hip hop, and Rap music. I know a few band members actually that I call friends and Love with all my heart. My inspiration is actually one of the most greatest man I know kind of. I've talked to him before. Christian "Chree" Thornton was my inspiration he is I think the base guitarist for Whispers Of Wonder. An the one who inspired me to becme a vocalist was a few, Katy Perry, Avril Lavigne, Connor "Lucky" Thornton of Whispers Of Wonder and then finally Michael Graves of What They Fear. These Men and women create a special vibe and get a special place in my heart. I have my own special definition for music! That definition would be Music is what makes life better, it brings joy to our ears, and our hearts. It's a amazing thing that brings inspiration and all genres together in harmony. I wouldn't be here or the girl I am today with out music. If I never listened to rock, pop, hip hop or rap. I would of never made amazing friends Like Michael, Fancy E (Erick), Jonathan, Ryder, Ryan, Johnna, David, Alexis, Homicide, Terri, Caleb, Jan and many many others. I dont brag about being friends with bands because those people in the bands they are just that people. They're people who play kick ass music. Being in the music industry would bring me the greatest joy ever because MUSIC is my passion and my dream. It's my life actually. If I could get the honor to be on a stage with some friends playing music singing lyrics that actually mean something and being able to have the opportunity to get to play in front of people would bring me the best happiness and joy that anyone could have. I am proud to say that I am A All Time Band Whore! I dont sleep with the members not a groupie but I listen to many many many bands.

Burning Brains The Band
Burning Brains The Band  (about 5 years ago)

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