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Hi All.. if you are on reverb with me.. you may not know this.. or you might but i made a facebook page for CharmedTracy https://www.facebook.com/RockersDiveCharmedTracy come drop me a line.. hope all is well.. Hugss, T

Trying to Help Verde

So, being in the voluntary business that i am.. LOL I voluntary help bands and musicians, we all need a little help.. and I have made friends with Verde, a great group of Men, with a lot of heart behind their music. You can follow them on Facebook and Twitter and if you ask me what their favorite song is, its Me Too - Love the lyrics

You can vote for them here http://www.battleofthebands.com/u/Verde and listen to their musics.. also, if you want to go one further, tell the people at @VansWarpedTour to put them on the ticket.. they wont be a disappointment ... CHEERS

New Friends

its amazing what a little music can do... not only can it fill a void, but it can also bring people together... imagine that LOL I am small potatoes on twitter, BUT, i have some big time followers, but its not a numbers game for them, they actually follow you and interact.. maybe its cause im charming, or what have you, but regardless, on the level of listener and performer, social media has brought the two together, in a respectful manner.. and i love that feeling.. i have my job as the listener, as the person getting new bands on the air, but their job i to perform, entertain, then when the performance is done, they interact with fans, not in some phony way, but in a genuine truth, as if to say, what did you think of the show?

Music Galore --- my love for Indie

Names like Evilyn Strange, Lisa Lim, Broken Romeo, Verde, Art of Dying, have been coming to my lips, i've been spreading the good deeds of these great Indie Artists... If you love Blues, please find Lisa Lim, if you want something with an Edge, maybe Verde is your route.. some people that i know, complain about our Indie friends.. and i remind them, no one gets famous over night.. back in the 60's when Van Morrison was really starting up, did anyone know him, no, but now, millions of people know him, and love him... you arent famous to the record companies, you are famous to your fans!!!! They are what make the artist and artist, so in doing what i do, i love to share music, if you have something for my group to listen to, send it to Rockersdive.com/musicians-upload and tell them i sent ya... I want to hear it...

Internet Indie Radio

I am just a geek at heart.. off and on for 15 years i have been an online chatter.. that world, if you dont understand it, you never will.. its on its own level of social.. but i left for 5 years, took a long break, and when i came back, radio stations were formed and added to the chat rooms.. i chose wisely, between several, love Rockersdive.com they are a great group of people, most are indie music lovers and supporters. Now we have been playing indie music, whose artists are more available to their fans, which is a great experience. The true fans, they just want the music, they want to hear what the artists are coming out with, and not what THEY can do for them... being apart of Rockersdive, i put out the newsletter, its small, but that works for us.. i listen to more INDIE music than i do mainstream.. and that is just fine by me.