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Reverb is the perfect site to go on and play all kinds of songs when you get a new pair of headphones. You can hear how they sound with heavy bass, loud guitars, or smooth pianos and chill vocals. Whatever you choose will give your listening experience more depth because it's hard to tell how good a set of headphones is just by listening to one type of music. So, thanks ReverbNation and all your jams for making these headphones put in work! By the way, I got the kind that go over your ears completely, I can't stand earbuds but will use them if I have to. Peace! ~G-lite

Exploring Sound

Today we live in an age where labels only matter so much, it really gets down to a simple formula. Does the music move the listener? If so, then it matters not so much what type of music the band or artist is filed under. I fan many bands and artists on Reverb and I dont even bother with what "type" of band they are. However, I will cut some slack for a Local band because they are trying to make it. I tend to go out of my way to support those acts in hopes they will catch on to a bigger audience. ~G-lite