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Hey, Join me for the continued adventure of Crazy Crow Productions in Seldovia, Alaska .... Here are some performers who have:Radslav Lorkovic (Austen) piano Paul Gerardi (Ashland, Oregon) guitar Terry McCoy and Dave Millen (Anchorage)Celtic Patric D’Eimon (Doyle) (Austen) formerly Anchorage guitar Dan McElrath paino Katie Evans (Austen) formerly Alaska Cindy Hackyey (Talkeetna) formerly Florida Sally Shuffield (Colorado) Peter Cooper (Nashville) Eric Brace (Nashville) Fishbank/ Lucky Dragon..(the world) Johnsmith ( Wisconson) Nancy Anderson Saylor (Alaska) Tom Begich ( Anchorage) Danny Schmidt (Austen) Esther Golton (Talkeetna) Rachel Sage (New York) Jaime Michaels (New Mexico) Meg Hutchinson ( Boston) Tim Mason (Boston) Randall Williams (Where is Randall?) Rick Brooks (Anchorage) T. J. Casey (Montana) Brooks Williams (Boston) Raina Rose (Austen) Terry and Jerry Holder (Washington State) Food for the Soul ( Alaska) Nancy Cassidy and Dayan Kai (California) Melody Walker and Jacob Groopman (California) Marian Call (Alaska)