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Unsigned Bands/Artists

Jam City America is looking for bands that want radio play time. Are you a band/artists and need your music played on radio for listeners to hear. This is what Jam City America is all about. We let the unsigned bands/artists have all the free radio play time they want. We also are working on a band room so that the bands can let the listeners know a little about them and where the listeners can buy the music they hear. If you want your unsigned bands/artists radio air time then e-mail me at jamcity@live.com and get your band on live radio today, and all for free. We have two chat rooms for the fans to go into and chat and listen to music that all the bands have sent into Jam City America Radio. Give us a listen right here at www.jamcityamerica.com or from SHOUTcast.com under jam city america. Again All FREE!!