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Ready for more Amy Ray going solo???

After the Indigo Girls' release of 'Poseidon and the Bitter Bug', Amy Ray and Emily Saliers have been touring for a big part of this year already. Now Amy is putting up some solo dates in August. She will be hitting several cities with her electric guitar in tow. Hopefully you will be lucky enough to catch her performance! Check http://www.daemonrecords.com/amy/tour.htm frequently, as she will be adding to the dates that are already posted!

My invitation to you.......

Everyone pretty much already knows that I am a huge IG / Amy Ray fan. Have been for 20+ years. Now I would like to invite you all to visit some of my other sites. Primarily dedicated in honor of IG and Amy Ray. Personally I feel they do not get enough exposure or recognition... so I am taking it upon myself to spread the music, spread the word of these women of rock. Come and visit some of these sites. Drop me a line there to let me know what you think! I am always updating them, so come back often! Look forward to seeing you there, Peace and love, Angie www.freewebs.com/indgogirlz www.indgogirlz.blogspot.com www.indgogirlz.hi5.com www.bebo.com/AngieD521 (To name a few!)

First leg of Amy Ray's tour for DIFK....

Throughout all the street team work for Amy Ray's DIFK tour, I constantly hoped that it would be possible to catch one of her shows. Remarkably, a dear friend was able to pull it off for me! I flew to Chicago to witness first hand the powerful energy that I had been promoting all this time! This was my first solo concert of Amy's, and it was so much more than I ever imagined! From the moment she stepped out on the stage, until the very last chord of the very last encore, she captivated everyone and held their emotions in her hands. With the hopes of her meeting people afterwards, I took 2 of my prized possessions to get autographed. We waited outside in the cold for quite a while, and then Amy appeared out of the back door, packing up the last of her equipment. She graciously met the first fans in line. She greeted everyone with a warm smile and a friendly 'thanks'. She even stood by each person for photos. When she came to me, it was so surreal at the time. Imagine that --- standing next to Amy Ray and telling her what kind of impact she has been on my life. Wow! She listened to me babble, and then was sweet enough to sign my items : my black IG cap and my songwriting journal. After asking all my Amy fan friends to shake her hand for me... I did it myself!!!! Thank you Amy... for all that you have done, and for being the kindest person to me that night. It meant the world to me. I hope to catch you again soon. Anyone who is going to see her on the second leg of her DIFK tour, you will be touched beyond belief.

Amy Ray is on the move!!!

As most people know by now (and if not, you must be living under a rock!) Amy has released her third solo CD, "Didn't It Feel Kinder". She also has a web channel on Kyte, called AmyRayTV. It's an awesome channel, featuring acoustic performances, videos, and interviews! Amy is now touring for the promotion of "Didn't It Feel Kinder". Visit Amy Ray on reverbnation.com.... amy ray on myspace... or just come to my MySpace page to get latest updates! http://www.myspace.com/indgogirlz Hope to see you out there!