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Ok, I got away from music for awhile. Used to play the piano, alot. Didn't play for years and then, last week, I got a really cool used keyboard-- yamaha, weighted keys, does everything but cook my dinner for me. Can't explain how good it makes me feel to make music again. It's been so long that I'm relearning...sort of like not speaking a language you once knew but picking it up relatively fast once you get back to the country. The jazz in the background helps so much while I work. Anyway else find that to be true? I love Muvuca. Gary Brunotte's got some good ones too...love the "Triste" in Portuguese. That language sings all by itself. I love having a blog to express how I feel about music. It can change my mood completely which is no easy feat. I notice it calming my children, especially when I play the keyboard. Music therapy.