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That 'thug', i'm da baddest b****h, mentality is totally played out in my eyes. If you wanna live that lifestyle then by all means, do you and lets see how far that takes you in life....how many job offers you get. What trips me out is the women and men in uniform that have it then are surprised when they get kicked the hell out..smh. A real 'thug' or bad b***h doesnt have to shout it out to the world..their actions speak. How u so bad when u aint got shit goin for yourself? You get your hair and nails paid for by yo boo at the time or f buddy..or thuggn gets u maybe a few years in prison, a couple of dollars and a lifetime of paranoia.. Try being a CEO of a major corporation or somethin of that sort..those are the real BADASSES in my book. Its time we grow up and get rid of the stigma already attached to us...IJS

Loving Life

I am loving life right now :-) I have great people in my corner and it feels good. I will try not to add enemies but definitely increase friendships. I dont think any bridges have been burned so thats a plus. Anyone that knows me knows i will always bend over backwards for my people :-) The only enemies I have are those BLOCKED from my facebook....lol... LUV U ALL

Never Regret It

"The past cannot be changed, forgotten, edited, or erased; it can only be accepted"


If you say you can trust someone then u r admitting to something even greater than love. Trust involves all your thoughts and emotions to be given to someone so they can have. Trusting someone is knowing that you can be hurt so bad that none can even know. This is why trust is a word of great power. -Unknown


Happy Mother's Day to all the single Mothers out there who are taking care of God's most precious gifts... I find it puzzling that, when given a choice, some women will give up and allow others to raise and nurture their kids..either way, kudos to those that manage to juggle raising their kids, school, and work bc I personally know your pain; keep doing what you're doing ladies, God will continue to bless you! Again, Happy Mother's Day to All!

Gettin Right

Getting all dressed up to go out and all I'm thinkin about is all the 'hate' i'm gonna receive for lookin good...smh. Women are strange creatures. I, unlike many of these hatn a** heffas, actually give othr women props if they dress/look nice. I guess its those insecure ho*s that waste their breath hatin. BC at the end of the day i will do me. I will take care to make sure tha hair, nails, make-up and shoes are on point. So get your Pepto Bismal ready b**hes cause imma bout to give u a stomache ache! BTW, i can fight well so dont let tha cute face fool ya :-)


Why as men and women do we compete so much for the affection of the opposite sex JUST TO FIND OUT that when we won, we really lost? The grass is always greener on the other side til you get there and see it is filled with MANURE! So why compete? Maybe its just in our nature? Either way, the loser seems to come out on top because now "the winner" is stuck with a whole pile of SH*T to clean up... IJS #WINNING

Let's Give them Something to Talk about

“Hating people is like burning down your own house to get rid of a rat. Invest your energy into something more worthwhile.” I am not wasting my time with any of that foolishness but I welcome the haters because I know it's for a reason. You wouldnt hate if not! I am doing well in my career, I am good-looking, I got my own sht, I am a great lover and outstanding mother to my kids; so feel free to hate on me! (hell, you are probably doing it right now)


I spoke with my old pastor abt things in my life and he basically told me i am a people pleaser..the pleasing personality is the need and desire to make everyone happy and take care of everyone. Everyone knows they can depend on u so they do..and you make sure everyone gets a "yes" whether they deserve it or not. This was a hard pill to swallow but it fits me perfectly..now i got some research to do. There has gotta be a way to change this because i truly believe that this is taking away from my blessings as well as causing undue stress in my life. Chewing on that!

I AM...

I AM STRONG, because I know my WEAKNESSES; I AM BEAUTIFUL, because I know my FLAWS; I AM FEARLESS, because I learned to recognize ILLUSION from REAL; I AM WISE, because I learn from my MISTAKES; I AM A LOVER, because I have felt HATE; I CAN LAUGH; because I have known SADNESS...