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Ainnt Worriedd Abouut You♥

youu cann sayy whatever youu wannt im qonna sit heree andd smokee thiss blunnt imaa takee a sipp, unntil im drunnk cuss iainnt worriedd abouut youu whoopdi whoop is all iheaar if youu wannt it bitch comee qet it straiqht upp G; idonnt feaar nothinqq so iainnt worriedd abouut youu. -mii daddy lefted me whenn iwuss jussta childd andd mii momma toldd mee not tuu trustaa smilee sincee thenn istood tuu thaat icannt trusst mii ownn friendd , whassupp withh thaat ijuss wanna sit inn mii room & lockk thee door smokee mee aa blunnt donnt knockk no moree lessonss chanqedd buhh iainnt talkinqq abouuta baller causee youu see iwass full of promisess, ibarelyy touchedd thee problemss buhh whoo thee fuckk amnaa speakk of thaat itss jusst another loco rapper aa weed from aa sackk, hess whackk chhh, he'ss barelyy qot anny moneyy youu hippiee criticaal motherfuckkerr, youur shxxt is funnii thee realist ladyy isee is thruu thee mirror thiss damnn thinqq ainnt qonaa stopp mee likee a river keepinqq thee circlee in thee mindd cuss it never faailss, thaats mii faam♥&&hood$$ FUCK EVERYONE ELSE!!