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Band !!!!!!

The band is going great !!!! We are lining out a new bassist and things are running smoothly !!!! Great Day !!!!

why I love music

someone asked me why I like music, my reply " well first of all, EVERYTHING, it is in my soul, and I LOVE MUSIC. I love the band I play in now and I think we have a great sound !!!!!!!! "

to all new friends !!!!!

please go to the band page, JoelWilsonMusic and friend us we nrrd your help !!!! thanks for friending me but I need you to go to our band page !!!! Thanks , MT

Joel Wilson and the Revival at Willie's in Stilwater

comin back to Stilly , get ready may 5th !!!!!!!

Joel Wilson and the Revival at Moonie's bar, in Moore Sat. the 7th !!!!

get ready here comes the Revival

Grady's 66 Yukon

Joel Wilson and the Revival Friday thge 23 at Grady's in Yukon