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California Concert Memories, Part One

When mainstream artists come to town, Ney loves writing about them. Audience members ask him what he writes about. He can be seen standing amongst the audience members with a pen and a notebook. Well-known musicians such as Bone Thugs –N- Harmony’s Flesh-N-Bone, Mobb Deep’s Havoc, and Tech N9ne have noticed him write.

Flesh –N- Bone’s entourage noticed Ney first, when they performed on stage. They came up to him and gave him handshakes. At the end of the performance, he did the same. After a follower on twitter retweeted one of his articles, Flesh –N- Bone retweeted it. Ney saved it as one of his favorites because Bone Thugs –N- Harmony is one of his favorite hip-hop groups.

While performing at the Key Club, Havoc noticed Ney using the stage as his desk. He looked down and saw that Ney was taking notes. He nodded and continued to perform.

When Tech N9ne was performing at the House of Blues, he noticed Ney’s camera phone’s flash go off. Tech N9ne approached Ney from the stage. He looked down at Ney’s pen and notebook, resting on Machine Gun Kelly’s foam hand. Tech N9ne lowered his fist, Ney lifted his, and they gave each other respect.

Pictures Are Worth A Half Of Thousand Words

While in college, Sareth Ney knew he wanted to be a concert journalist. He covered many genres from soft rock to heavy metal.

When the music was too loud—he managed to get two world-renowned deejays, Sasha and John Digweed, to take photos and sign autographs for Ney. He typed in his cellular phone that he was writing an article for them for his college’s newspaper.

Ney’s first heavy metal concert was a memorable one. It was for Soulfly’s Conquer tour. When the tour stopped at the Black Sheep, he managed to talk to the band known as Bleed The Sky. For Devastation’s last song, the band tapped his shoulder and told him to follow him up on stage with them. There, he rocked out on stage with heavy metal bands.

His college articles can be read here: http://csupueblotoday.com/author/sney

As Ney took a summer internship in Los Angeles, he went to The Footprint in Hip Hop tour featuring Duo Live, BigStat, Ghostface Killah, Redman, and Method Man. As he was waiting for valet to bring his car around—he met one of GZA’s artists, Armel. After talking for a while, they had an idea that could possibly shake the foundations of the entertainment industry. The two arranged a meeting for two legendary visionaries, Clive Barker and RZA, to meet.

The entire story can be read here: http://sareth-ney.blogspot.com/

During a Raekwon signing in Burbank, Ney was the last fan to get a picture with one of his favorite emcees. He wore his Wu-Tang Clan beanie and his “Enter the Wu-Tang 36 Chambers” shirt. As he sat down next to The Chef, he had his picture taken with him. What he didn’t expect were members of the press to take photos too. He showed Raekwon the picture with RZA and told the story behind it. Raekwon said, “You done started something.”

Ney attended the Sean Price (Boot Camp Clik) and Cappadonna (Wu-Tang Clan) show, in Pasadena. He held his own as he stood in the front row, during the performance. After the show, Cappadonna’s merchandise man told him how much he spent on the shirts. He signed a few shirts for Ney and called members of the press over. He had Ney hold up one of the shirt, as he held up the other. He talked into the camera and asked Ney to do the same. Ney said, “Wu-Tang is forever!”

Later—Ney showed Cappadonna the article he wrote about the Wu-Tang Clan, at Club Nokia. He liked the fact that Ney wrote everything that happened and appreciated it very much.

To end the experience, Ney showed Cappadonna his homemade Wu-Tang Clan costume. He couldn’t help but smile. He asked how long it took to make and Ney responded by telling him it took a few days. He told him that he wore the costume to meet the drummer, Danny Carey, of Tool. He wore the same costumer to the Danzig Legacy show, on Halloween.

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