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FILTER FREE RADIO – Filter Free Radio EP

Thank Godness they are teens. These three 18 years old guys from Milwuakee, Wisconsin, USA, are really cool.. They say that their music is "90 years alternative rock with a touch of modernity"; they are right and are far too modest, because it is much more than just a simple touch. Although it is evident that their favorite plays – despite the young age - ere Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Mudhoney (mainly), the musical proposal of Filter Free Radio goes far beyond the mere retelling of grunge. In fact they take the genre and take it in their workshop, where they disassemble and reassemble it eliminating what is superfluous (which was already low in the original) – getting very simple but incredibly dynamic arrangements, which transform the listener into a spring loaded puppet that cannot do anything but move. The addition of a little "dirt" in the sounds (due to the stongly fuzzed bass and guitar) and of an adventurous Phil Hoge who often, the blessed youth, puts himself in the shoes of a certain Ian Astbury (the great singer of The Cult, ED), complete the work and place of this EP in the ranking of the most interesting proposals of the year that is ending. Who knows if they already have the merchandise? I want a shirt!

FUGAZI - Streaming of more than 800 concerts

From yesterday, 1 December, with a variable offer from $ 1 to $100 (price suggested by the band is $ 5) you can buy over 800 concerts of the great band FUGAZI, all to 320 Kbps. Everything directly on Dischord site at this address: http://www.dischord.com/fugazi_live_series