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NewTribeZ Radio can make a difference

Some readers may remember that I was excited about some recent statistics on NewTribeZ Radio and where NewTribeZ stands but I thought I would share some interesting details on the state of internet radio stations. Here as a few statistics to consider and while I will quote US research statistics they are reflected throughout the world.

84% of US Consumers listen to AM / FM Radio and 43% of US Consumers listen to Internet Radio. Which in simple terms means that over 50% of AM and FM listeners also listen to Internet Radio… This is the first year that internet radio has broken the 50% barrier and illustrates the move into the mainstream acceptability and exposure now offered by alternate stations.

67% of internet users listen to Internet radio. This indicates a massive awareness of the media form and acceptance to use it while on undertaking other tasks. Obviously this represents an enormous opportunity to get any message out. When one notes that it is currently not stifled by corporate influences the opportunity for independent musicians and small business cannot be underestimated if the correct vehicle is used.

And finally I note that the audience is not in the main trend following listeners, they are, according to the latest research, loyal and dedicated followers; 80% listen for 1 – 3 hours a day and a massive 40% listen to 1 to 2 hours per show.

All of which reaffirms NewTribeZ's belief that NewTribeZ Radio can and indeed is a vehicle that can empower independent musicians and small business and in so doing help "level the playing field" to enable them to achieve in their own time, on their own terms and without corporate interference.

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