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Where I've Been?

I haven't been here using reverb for months now, sorry for that. Been active on google plus, and filming local bands as well as making MTV-like music videos for artists to support independent music as I've always done but lately been flat out with orders and work for this.

I came today looking for bands to book locally, blues, classic rock and metal bands mainly, and saw 192 messages in my inbox, many 3 months or more old :( I apologize to everyone for not paying attention to my RN profile and friends for too long. I'm going to try and keep up, catch up, and may be changing my profile type from fan to venue soon. If you're going to be--or already are--in my area and are looking for bookings, let me know. You can also reach me at ginazoneny@gmail.com (my new email address), check out my new youtube channel of same name (ginazoneny) and old one at gmj2012, will be updating my info and links here, as well as adding content, later this week.

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer? Gina

Free album Juno Reactor DL!

I just found a 93 MB download link for a free Juno Reactor album at the link below. You download it to your system, then use any unzip ow Windows un-RAR to decompress the file for the music inside. It is certified virus free, spyware free, etc, because I just downloaded & tested it myself to be sure before giving you the link. Enjoy :-) Gina http://www.mediafire.com/?o223w523rv8s9wh

Bought a new HD Camcorder!

I finally bought a digital HD camcorder which should arrive this Thursday 7/21/11. I need to get a 32 GB SDHC memory card for it separately as it doesn't come with any, but I can test it using my 2 GB SD card for now, which is what, about 10 minutes of video? :-)

Now I need a live event to record, if not at the Big Up 7/28, then same weekend a local band is playing about 20 miles from me, that I may go see & record to see how camcorder does in darker bar type lighting. I haven't used a digital camcorder since my old JVC mini digital cassette camcorder, which is far outdated these days. This is not my final purchase, just an interim camcorder until I can afford the fully featured one I want to use professionally. Still, it is an excellent 5 MP camera with HD video & sound, so it's better than anything I used to use in my business before. It does NOT beat my digital camera used professionally now since 2003, which is 12 MP with up to 40 MB in RAW format. I can take photos with that & blow them up to poster size with no loss of quality or pixelation (sp?). Glad I bought such high quality then, it still compares favorable to the newest out now.

I spent most of today downloading video capture/mixing/recording software to use for making my own mix videos, that I eventually hope to use with mixed sound. I still haven't decided which software program to use for DJ-type music mixing & had hoped to generate some discussion along these lines, but to no avail so far. come on mixers, I need your input before I buy something I'll regret, so if you have a favorite mixing program to recommend, here's your chance. And if you have a mixing program you want tested & reviewed, I'm doing that too, so send your links for me to check them out. Thanks :-)

As soon as I get some new video recordings done, I'll do some short file uploads to share the results with you, mainly planning to use it for musicians & youtube content creation. If you're a musician/group & want your show recorded for internet or CD/DVD sales use, please contact me for planning & scheduling.


ABLETON SUITE 8 vs. LIVE vs. Board?

ABLETON SUITE 8 vs. LIVE vs. Board? Now this is one hell of a DJ mixing software package with every trick in the book built in! Only $600 for the suite, dream on...Is anyone using this for mixing??? Is there anything like this available open source or with as many features & options at a lesser price (yeah right!)?

I've been drooling over this for the last 2 hours. Watching videos of this package in action is frustrating because I would love to just BUY it & play with it myself, instead of watching some guy having all the fun. I'd love to hear from anyone using this, or anything similar. Can it be used without instruments or equipment, for example? Saw a mixing board with onboard software on sale at TigerDirect today for about $400, wondering how it would compare to this software...http://www.ableton.com/suite-8

Novation Mixer How-To Videos

I've just spent a few hours at YouTube watching videos of the Novation mixing machines in action, finally understand how many of the effects I love, are made. Is anyone using these or has? Here's one of the videos on their channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/NovationTV#p/f/5/xZDynIe7e9k

How difficult or easy does the machine make mixing house, dubstep & other custom combined tracks? Where does Novation rate on a scale of 1-10, 1 being best & 10 worst? Where do they rate on reasonable costs, using same scale?

As a mix fan, and an infant mixer using software alone so far, I appreciated the opportunity to watch these live action videos showing the actual mixing of effects, music & layers, like playing an effects keyboard (in video above url, quite literally a keyboard) using preset LED lit buttons, touch scratch pads, with high quality, digital computer hook up leads.

Obviously NOT for the novice like myself, but certainly a goal to aspire to someday, perhaps. I recommend the site's videos to anyone interested in watching music mixing in action, for anyone curious like me who wants to know how things work, here is their profile url: http://www.youtube.com/user/NovationTV

I'd love to hear from you in answer to these questions, or to recommend other packages, equipment & instructional/educational videos geared to our shared interests in the art of making & manipulating music and sound.