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More Music?

With the completion of "Illigitimi Non Carborundum," Manus Obscura has found itself in a new world of inspiration. With new sounds and tastes, Manus Obscura has decided to hold of on heavy "touring" and focus on the production of another album, one that will most likely truly be the sound that Manus Obscura is striving for.

Album Completion

We are proud to announce the completion of our first studio album. We are very happy with the end results and we hope that you will be too. We are currently doing some final touches on the mastering and hope to be done within the middle of February.

Thanks to all those that gave their support.

August 8th Studio Session Success

Our studio session on Friday August 8th was nothing but success. We worked hard recording all the tracks for our debut single, “The Great Abstraction.” We are very excited about the song and its release. If you are reading this we hope your just as excited as we are.

The single will include a remix and possibly another depending on how we feel. Keep your ear to the ground on this one. It should be awesome.

Track list for “The Great Abstraction:”

1.The Great Abstraction 2.The Great Abstraction (Remix) 3.(possible third track)

Always a pleasure,

-Manus Obscura