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Do We Create or Imitate

Seems like a pointless question. Most people would fire straight off and say we create we bring new life and new direction with every stroke of our genius. But on the contrary the demand has shifted the other way. Is it that we as artist have failed or is it that our own genius has become outsourced by ridiculous renditions. Well i still say CREATE be different be you and be the best at because you are the only one that can do it.DO IT BIG

How MC Died and Hip Hop went to shit

There lived a mouse who loved to make original flavor. He based his art on his own unique self; however his style had not yet spread to the masses but he kept creating until one day he was noticed. The other mice loved his new sound and they loved always hearing something new. Then one day as the old MC faded ..a new brand of artist emerged. He was a cat he wore very tight pants like a lady and he talked with a very high pitched voice his name was Pus-C. When he arrived on the scene MC tried to hold off his tacky delivery, but the people loved him and he ate MC. And that's the day HIP HOP went to shit....... to be continued


I wonder sometimes about the impulse of the supporter. As a artist i'm a bit of a reclusive, however i do deeply feel the need to back ideas and people that I relate to. Of course this is true in politics, but in a world where music is losing its savory when do we support the local artist or do we? And when do we fall in love with unique artist again?


ikno people are going to look at the title and think what tha fuck is tha three headed dragon. i get that. so here go tha math; tha three headed dragon is the embodyment of hate the combines the traits of all three types of haters; in book any way the first head would be the least bothersome the ENEMY hater the reason why this type of hater doesn't bother me is becuase i expect tha motha fucka to hate the second is some what of a cramp but tolable because you know also that your FRIENDS are going to hate on you mainly cause some of them wish they were in your position but due to lack wat ever it is that makes you you they can't do that....oh well.....the last head of this dragon to me is the worst big headed flame smelling breathe always in your face with some bullshyt FAMILY hater in some cases not all friend family or enemies hate but im talking about the corny motha fuccs that do yall don't have to agree i really don't mind but to me hate comes in a three headed dragon.......

freestyle thoughts......... jus my thoughts

Tha Strom

Coming in to the debut of my first album it seem like dark cluods started to from and the rain started to pour beside from the blessing a king recieved to even play this position more friend truned enemies and enemies turned friends slackers put thier best foot forward and some of the hardest working ppl i know start to ease off all this is very nessary this is only the mold be created after i drop the break thru a new creature will arise from the ashes im building chacter more and more everyday i love it when it rains something has to wash the bullshyt awy R-syn "The Storm" vol 1 sept 7th @datpiff