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Back to Studio!

Album two is in the works, and we are currently in studio getting this thing finished! We will be releasing two albums simultaneously, one blues focused and the other good ole Crunchy Flower rock n roll!

Back at it LIVE!

The Flower's took some time off...bass player Joe Gaspar was healing up and the band decided to write and get ready for the studio....we will be entering the red light room in late Aug early Sept...more live dates will be added for Sep - Dec...lots on the horizon!

Peace out! Rock on!

Road to Memphis to Fall

Crunchy Flower will enter the Road the Memphis Blues competition this September in Ottawa...the band hopes to have a 6 song blues EP done by early 2016

Summer Break

We are taking a step back from live playing till the fall and focusing on finishing up the writing of our next album. Recording should follow soon after and hopefully have a late 2015 early 2016 release. Hopefully we get some video shoots done also along with some new photos!

Dawg FM radio airplay!

Crunchy Flower got its first taste of local Radio play in Ottawa while being featured on Dawg on Blues Radio show on www.dawgfm.com. Hosted by Larry C. Deszcz the 1hr show aired Sunday March 29th.

Fundraiser Time

Our bass player Joe Gaspar was recently diagnosed with Cancer, so to help him fight this thing we have organized a fundraiser for him! 11+ Local Area Ottawa bands and musicians are showing up for a 12 hour (2pm - 2am) show at Moose Mcguire's in Ottawa (3320 McCarthy Road) on Saturday Feb 28th.

New Songs New Album in 2015!

We will be back in studio in the coming months with our second album due out by summer/fall of 2015. Volume II: Painting Pictures will have 12 tracks minimum and some previously heard songs from the CD release show last year. "It Ain't Me" will be on the album you can see the video of this song performed live here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ckivd26T7T4

Finishing up final backup vocals

So we are just about to wrap up the final backup vocal takes for the album, then the final mixes and mastering and presto! The Debut Album....Planting Seeds....should be out in June woo hoo!

Back to the Studio!

We are back in the studio doing a more raw approach, live off the floor. As a band we feel this method captures the dynamic organic flow of the songs more as well as giving it that live human feel. All the bed tracks are laid and we are now moving forward with vocal and extra guitar and percussion tracking.

We have delayed the album release because we want a product that showcases what we feel our songs should be expressed like.

The band is also planning some video shoots, live and music video productions. Keep you all posted!

Peace and Love, Crunchy Flower

July is recording time!

So we are back into the studio for most of this month, have a potential date set for July 27th, keep you posted on that!

We have laid down some new material that we have been kicking around for a bit so we will rehearse it a little more and then record it and see what tracks make the debut album. Currently there are about 20 tracks with about 3-5 more coming down the pipe. So we aren't quite sure yet how many we will put on the album but are leaning towards 10-13... Peace and Love!