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The Lighthouse

You alone can shine a light, you alone can navigate the dark waters of the night...and just when you think you are all alone, the Sun will shine and guide you home. luv, JE


You may now also visit my new website. Have a beautiful blessed day. luv, JE http://josephineellecreations.org/home

Seashell Sky

There is a beautiful and perfect place within your soul that only you know about. Find that place. Go there. Be happy. Be blessed. luv, Je

Always Follow Your Highest Joy

Always Follow Your Highest Joy. luv Je

Music Is Alive & Well

Music Is Alive & Well, luv Je

Rainbow Soul

A lifetime is artwork... painted one brush stroke at a time... luv, Je

Always follow your highest joy

Always follow your highest joy... luv, Je

Indigo World

The warm sun shone in the blue sky above as if a deep love affair was in existence. Down the hill came the women, children and tender animals in pure exhilaration and peace. They came to dance in unison with man upon the fresh green, flourishing grass. Not a weapon was to be found for they had all been laid down. An Indigo World had at last arrived. luv, Josephine


* Sorry to inform you kidz... there is no musicians dream.. don't fall for it... only go with a musicians reality. Only way go ♥

" Music! Beautiful Music!!!

Let music inhabit you and you will certainly feel life's greatest joy!" The very foundation of our existence is based on natural rhythm and frequencies. Some of the factors that shape our natural body rhythm are environment, health stability, emotional messages from our brain and how we feel about life, ourselves, and others. There are several scientific studies aviailable that share great success stories of how rhythm and music can change the quality of one's life. Many stories from healthcare settings, as well as personal reflections regarding everyday experiences. From the moment we arrive into this world we are affected by the sounds of the earth and sounds of society, even those who are hearing impaired. Our senses become one with the sounds and who we become can be based upon much of what we hear. Wow! Sounds pretty complicated! All music has a rhythm whether it motivates, stimulates, or soothes and calms the mind, body and spirit. Rhythm is the driving force of any natural flow. We can alter our state of mind with music, we can celebrate life's great gifts with music, cling to it when we are grieving. We can improve the quality of life with music, and we can fill our lives with moments of joy because of music.. Music brings people together to sing, dance, and pay tribute. Music stimulates the mind and body, and has a huge capacity to heal. There has never been anything like it! Music can be nature made, human produced, even imagined. There is no limit! I encourage you to find your "rhythm" and carry it within your heart. If you know someone deeply in need of music, don't be afraid to share. Let the music inhabit you and bring you joy and well being! Find a way to pass that along to others! Nothing complicated about that! Sow the seeds of healthy mind, body and spirit......It will be the greatest joy you ever feel! Love and Peace ~ Josephine