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Back in Black

We have made a lot of Changes over the last 6 months .. some really good changes . I really think we have the ultimate line up right now . We are Adding new songs ... Like Yesterday don't mean shit, Drag the waters, 10 s , uplift, Where you come from ..... So stay tuned we are booking shows See Ya soon And GETCHA PULL !!

It's been A long Time

Sorry , haven't updated the blog for a minute , Pretty busy . So there has been some talk of some originals . . . And yes its True , We have a couple on hold for now . We are currently Finishing up our PanterA List and taking some suggestions from our Friends and fans on what songs they would like to hear ... That being said , Feel free to stop by And let us know what you want to hear .... Went to the Namm show !! holy shit Good Times have some pretty cool pictures and some video Comming to a town near YOU !! .....HellYEAH was KICKASS !! Got to hang out with some really cool people , well you'll see , Also if anyone happen to see me on the Dean webcast please let me know This is the General Lee Im OuT Getcha PuLL !!!!

New found Power !!!

Well looks like we have found our singer, if you were at the ride for dime at the cheyenne saloon last week then you already know, Farr beyond driveN will be booking shows !!! we have a show on the 17th at the divebar .. come check out our new singer !!!!

Show at the Cheyenne saloon !!

Hello everyone , show comming up the dimebag darrell tribute show we have done this show every year . Happy to say that we have found our new bass player !! Awesome bassist and a huge asset to the band . We are trying something different as far as singers . can't really say anything yet,soooo you will just have to come to the show !! Happy thanksgiving !!!!!

We are searching this Town !!!

Well i try to do a update every week to let everyone know what's going on with the band . So here it is , We have lost our singer for reasons that have already been addressed . She will be missed and very hard to replace. We wish her well and hope for great things for her ... Attention all vocalist's we are searching for our new ~ Singer ~ Frontman ~ please send your demo or for more info contact me @ farrbeyonddriven@hotmail.com

Hope all is well

Well i guess we are just kicking it,with hi hopes that Christie and Rel black, will have a speedy recovery . I will keep you posted this is the General Lee signing off !! getcha Pull !!