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CAROLINE BLUE now has a page on the Flickr network. If you're on there-please add us as a contact-thanks! http://www.flickr.com/people/carolineblue/


10/20 & 21/2010-I was at Strangeland Audi Studios in Phoenix, NY these 2 days to record 2 songs for possible inclusion on a movie soundtrack. On is a remake of an older track -"Inside" and the other -"Prey" is a brand new song. Both are a little deeper/heavier than what I normally do-hence the use of a 7 string guitar ...& 5 string bass. The guitar is mine-while the bass was on load from Azriel Mordecai-thanks Az!

-Mike merrifield laid down the drums on both tracks. Mike has done studio drum work with CAROLINE BLUE before-3 tracks on the "Slave to the Hourglass" CD and all the drum tracks on the "Not For The Innocent" CD. besides being a close friend, Mike is a great rummer and it usually doesn't take him long to get his parts recorded-and this time was no exception.

-We got set up and then we ran thru "Prey" a few times. Although I'd given Mike a demo of the vocal/r.guitar and click, we never jammed the tune till this moment. In fact, while playing the scratch track I played the guitar and bass lines to make things a little easier. Mike had played on the original track of "Inside" so that wasn't a problem-in fact, Mike added some more stuff to it. I think we did, what 2-3 takes for each one and they were done.

-Then came the bass which was done quickly as well. A few overdubs and that was it. Rhythm Guitar was next, but that was stalled a little so Scott could fix the intonation on my guitar. That didn't take too long either. I used my Fender Metalhead amp on both songs for 1 track and Scott's B-52 amp for both songs on track 2. Then we started on leads but after 1 pass on "Prey" we called it and set up till the next day. Not bad for 1 days work!

-The next day I finished up the lead work w/ Scott's RG 540 Ibanez thru a Line 6 combo amp. Then came the vocals. Everything was done in about 3 hours. So everything recorded for 2 songs in 2 days-sounds good to me!

-If the songs are picked for the soundtrack, then I have to work w/ them on it. If not, I'll probably release the songs-and maybe 1-2 more older ones I have, one a CD or something. We'll see...Both songs are "darker" in nature than what I normally do-which is fine. I like to go off the path every now and then.

-Big thanks for Mike for lending his skills for the songs and Az for lending me his bass. Also big thanks for Scott for not only finding me the time to get this done, but having a great set up, his skills & being really easy to work with. If all goes as planned, I'll be in here again within the next 6 months or so recording a new CAROLINE BLUE EP

-Pics can be seen at http://www.facebook.com/pages/CAROLINE-BLUE/7569814282#!/album.php?aid=301256&id=7569814282


Here's pics taken during 2 separate shoots for the "I've Seen the Light" video shoot.Both were done at Strangeland Audio Studios in Phoenix, NY. This is kind of a Flashback video to when the Not For The Innocent CD was being recorded back in 2007. Well, not an exact backtrack :)

-The 1st session was done the day right ...after CAROLINE BLUE had performed at Fusions in -Syracuse, NY. The band was a little beat from the night before. This was mostly performance syncing with each band member having one scene to speak a line. I (WWJ) came up with the script for this one. Film Producer Ron Bonk was again used in the filming of all this.

-This session went OK.It took a little longer than anticipated. I was personally drained & worn out-not just from the show but due to several events that had happened previously. This shoot was ok-more somber with some tension thrown in. Things would start to change heavily for the band 11 days from this shoot in large part because of those events-but that story is best told on another day....

-I worked on trying to get the 2nd half of this video done for quite awhile-but there was always a schedule conflict somewhere. Finally I was able to secure people & time. The 2nd shoot was earlier today 11/14/10. This one was all dialogue-with me getting a taste of what it's like to do a little directing. In addition to Ron filming, we had Scoot Patnode-owner of Strangeland-and Film Maker Brian Hewitt this night. This took 2-3 hours to shoot-and it was a lot of fun. Again, we were going based on my script but there was some improv-and I have to say this was an awesome night of filming. Everyone did their job well and we were all laughing a lot thru out-which was quite a contrast to the 1st shoot.

-I want to thank Scott, Brian & Ron for all their great work tonight-as well as Doc & Joe during the previous shoot's work. I believe this will be a fun video to watch when all is said & done. Keep on the look out for

-Pics can be seen at http://www.facebook.com/pages/CAROLINE-BLUE/7569814282#!/album.php?aid=299394&id=7569814282


WWJ Interviewed on Alwayz Therro Magazine-a digital magazine that specializes in latest urban culture, news, style, fashion & lifestyle. They have over 100,000 new readers per month. http://www.alwayztherro.com/2010/11/01/the-sweet-sweet-sounds-of-caroline-blue/

11/1/2010-CAROLINE BLUE on Monday Night Massacre

CAROLINE BLUE music will be played tonight on Monday Night Massacre Radio-coming from O.C.C. college radio. Check it out on their page where to listen & also listen to it on Itunes the http://www.facebook.com/pages/Monday-Night-Massacre-With-Saint-G/152117181489907?v=wall


CAROLINE BLUE music videos have been spotted on the following sites

CAROLINE BLUE's "Pain" Music Video seen on the World News Network


CAROLINE BLUE Music Videos spotted on the Witty Sparks website


10/2/2010-CAROLINE BLUE Show-Half Penny Pub-Syracuse, NY

-CAROLINE BLUE will be performing at The Half Penny Pub in Syracuse, NY on Saturday October 2, 2010. CAROLINE BLUE will be going on at 9:30 PM, followed by Zadoc...and the Nightmare and then Jayne Dracula.

-For this show, the lineup for CAROLINE BLUE will be WWJ on vocals/guitar, Azriel Mordecai on bass and Mark Amisano on drums.

-This show is being put together by R.E.S.A. for Autism Families, Inc. Admission is FREE. For more info, please contact the R.E.S.A. on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Clay-NY/RESA-for-Autism-Families-Inc/314875487712#!/pages/Clay-NY/RESA-for-Autism-Families-Inc/314875487712?v=wall


-CAROLINE BLUE has been nominated in the Rock & Roll Original Band category for the 2010 Upper State Indepenent Awards (USIA) in Syracuse, NY. Please cast your vote for CAROLINE BLUE! Voting ends on October 31 and the awards will be presented on November 6.

-Go to http://usiawards.com/NOMINATE_HERE_BDQJ.html to vote-thank you very much!

9/5/2010-WWJ on the MDA Telethon in Syracuse, NY Ch. 9 at 10 PM

I'll be joining the band Stix & Stonz & others at the MDA Telethon 2nite at 10 PM-Ch. 9 (Syracuse,NY) 2 support "Bands Together 4 MDA." Tune in & call a pledge 4 ur support!

You can also make a donation online at http://www.mda.org/telethon/2010Telethon/