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New Album, Followed by a Cross Country Tour...

Hey Guys! Jacob Green here, just wanted to let you know that I'm in the process of recording my latest album : "Harvest Time" right here on the West Coast in Occidental, CA. I'll also be having my CD Release show out here at the Occidental Center for the Arts on Nov. 7!!!! Which will be followed by a full Cross Country Tour, from California to Wisconsin and from Vermont to Florida and everywhere in between!!! See my full updated tour schedule on my website now: http://www.jacobgreenmusic.com And get a sneak peak of the recording sessions on YouTube page: http://youtube.com/jacobgreen7 And Thanks again for supporting your Local, Regional & National GREEN!!! Cheers!


So as some of you may or may not know the Roots Revival Albums are part of a Trilogy Series and when it's completed the songs will inter-connect to create almost one long track or at least one long album synced to perfection. Some may also know that I originally released Vol. 1 of 'Roots Revival' in July of 2012, which was a rushed recording that was needed for the long upcoming solo tour, I had planned after the River Water Tribe broke up. After getting better as an solo artist, becoming an onemanband & being very happy with the recording of "Travein' Soul" album, I decided to Re-Recorded Roots Revival Vol. 1 in November of 2013 & re-release in March of 2014 to fit the season of Spring. The new version includes 2 new songs: "I could" & " Fire's Rasin' (hidden song)" and also does not include the song " Simply" which is now unlreased & also doesn't include the song "Travelin' Soul" which was later added to the album containing the same name. The new version is also done completely onemanband stlye; all instruments & vocal recorded simultaneously live, with a few extra layers added to certain tracks. The new version is available on bandcamp now & will be on itunes, spotify, amazon mp3 & google play by the end of March. ROOTS REVIVAL VOLUME 2 DOES NOT HAVE A SET DATE YET, BUT IS PLANNED TO BE RELEASED SUMMER OF 2014 TO FIT THE NEXT SEASON OF SERIES

Week before we hit the road

Gettin' back on the road again. It's been a sleepy winter in the Northeast and now I'm "Rollin' On" Spring tour starting on the 15th in NC. Have a couple good shows coming up in that area, and I'm looking forward to meet new supporters. So, rollin on the next tour, I feel hopeful it will be a good one, just as long as me and my dogs don't melt in the van in Florida. Wish us luck!

Green Mountains

Been staying in the Northeast, as of late, out in the middle of nowhere, but gettin music written, played, and recorded. It's a slow and rough process at times, but the Green Mountain state is treating me well, playing gigs weekly and getting my music heard. Looking forward to revamping Roots Revival Vol. 1, for re-release, and getting the Spring and Summer tours planned before too long. So much to do, how the time is flying by.

~The Tribe~

The River Water Tribe is a collective of Musicians mainly from Milwaukee, but also from Colorado or random places on the road. We come together to make bluesy, gypsy, folky, bluegrass type of sound. Started in Aug. 2010 the tribe has gone through about 15 members or so including: 3 violinists, banjoist, saxophonist, accordion player, washboard player & mandolin player & probally more I can't think of. I basically tour on the road solo & then when I'm back in Wisconsin or Colorado I'll meet up & do gigs with random tribal members.