Culo A Boca: San Jose’s Answer To Shock Rock

Culo A Boca: San Jose’s Answer To Shock Rock IN MUSICJULY 31, 2012 by BEAU DOWLING Seeing San Jose’s Culo A Boca live for the first time can be loosely akin to seeing Gwar live for the first time: it requires just as much time spent trying to figure out their costumes and obscene props as their music.

“It’s harmonious chaos,” says Fista NoGagreflexa, one of the two singers, donning an outfit that can be best described as demonic ragdoll.

Over five years, Culo A Boca has taken its mesh of punk rock and theatrics to all kinds of extremes. The other vocalist, Poncho Verde, wears skin-tight leopard pants, no shirt and a Mexican wrestling mask. The rest of the band, Sideburns McBlood (bass), Rev. BJ Gums (guitar), Herpe Hancock (drums) and new-comer Dick Rigormortis (guitar) all do their best to look like flesh-eating zombies.

Their audience can be as wild as the band itself sometimes. Stories of people trying to take a dump on stage, GG Allin style, and things breaking are not uncommon. Fista has had a personal request from an audience member for her to punch him in the face, which she gladly obliged. Another patron carried her around on his shoulders, and took some convincing to let her down.

Culo a Boca utilizes props to enhance certain points in a song. One is called “the Fear Boner.” This is basically a leaf blower fashioned into a giant erect penis with a roll of toilet paper on the end. There are also two more props called “the Clunghole”: two flat, wooded cut-outs that look like two women bending over. They are rigged to shoot liquids out.

“This chunky pair of nude vixens don lucho libre masks and generously bend over to shoot filth to whoever dares approach. Unfortunately sometimes this means one of us on stage,” McBlood explains.

In fact, the last time they played the Caravan, the bartenders thought the second story had flooded, because of all the liquid dripping from the ceiling.

McBlood claims they’ve never failed to win over an audience. “But our show has gotten us on the blacklist at more than a few venues, and every now and then there’s someone who doesn’t appreciate what we have to say about their shitty band,” he says.

Culo A Boca play Saturday, Aug. 4., at Caravan Lounge in San Jose, 9pm; free.



Eruptors continues to send records to me and I´m grateful to that fact because anyway before have they been better and better for every record and I hope that that is the case this time too. Messy ointro in hearts Burnin and this is music which you really want to call punkrock because this type of messy rock n roll msut be called punkrock. 5 songs with Eruptors is it on the record and it´s surely so that a liverecording with them is good. Cula A Boca have a little bit different sound and when the girl is singing so become I really happy because it feels like a new Vice SQuad-record but then comes a mad male singer and ”destroys” everything. … It´s Ok anyway…7/2-2011 http://www.skruttmagazine.se/receruptors.htm

http://www.fungalpunknature.co.uk/ review

THE ERUPTORS/CULO A BOCA - SPLIT CD The third time here that I have been asked to review an Eruptors effort and the first time for Culo A Boca. The familair and unfamiliar are all welcome and so with mixed feelings the disc was spun. The former band are an English/Irish rock 'n' roll sleaze outfit happy to mix a variety of noises whereas the latter band go for a more blatantly filthy approach that you can blow out your ass or taste deeply with your wanting mouth. 5 and 6 songs is what we get from each band respectively and here are the Fungal thoughts for you to ponder. So on to the filth of Culo A Boca with the 'Glory Hole' opening things up and filling up the gullet full of sonic semen to savour or spit out. Corroded guitar, rattling drums and a bitched up 'Let's Go' begins before a typical song with a swap and slop male/female approach offers something to consider. Looking above the lyrical content this is a fair enough effort that will appeal to the more decadent or 'wannabe perverts' amongst us. I come across bands like this all the time who wanna shock more than rock and wonder why they are this way inclined. Musically the capabilities are there which is more than apparent on the very likeable follow up entitled 'Rocketship'. In truth the subject matter is neither here nor there as it is more the music that I am interested in and here the band put forth a real strong foot. Solidly composed with a likeable spirit the ditty rocks and has many flavoursome levels that one can really get into. If the first song is merely a taster than this is more of a full mouthful and one can't help but indulge. Don't be distracted by the sexualised wordage - this band can play good punk rock and I hope they don't do themselves too great an injustice - sorry but I have seen it happen way too often and know there are many punters out there who are not willing to scratch too deep and are too idle to try. Just a warning! So one decent number and a very good one indded with loads of vibe swiftly followed by the more thoughtful 'Blow Up Doll Rape Victim'. I can't work out the words within this song and perhaps it's just as well or I may be encouraged to partake of a certain lifestyle and have many rubber burns on the old todger! I do like this one however and the strange sound it gives off. No dangerous acoustic orifices are entered but the persistent drive is attractive as is the she gob style at the front which is far from orthodox and lacks any polish and perhaps that is why I find it so charming. It's the DIY spirit ya see - just won't be put down! 'I wanna Puke' starts in a somewhat similar thread to its predecessor but again has a very enjoyable strain of melody running throughout and I can't help but be won over. The girl sings, the guys punctuate with the title of the song and it works a treat. The femininity is highlighted via the roughhouse outbursts and all retains a sweet rhythm that just gets on with the job in hand. Not much to add really to a good old song that is bared and lacking any unnecessary sonic panties. 'Dick In The Dirt' looms large in horrific style with a scream adding that edge of the seat feeling. The song is from the hollowed crypt and is more than a little cavernous in tone. Again the lady and the louts combine and create a musical freak to admire. Like a Frankensteinian beast the stitchwork is apparent, the vision most vulgar but if one has a desire for darkened outcasts then one is enthralled. You'll get it or you won't - that ain't my concern and I reckon the band shouldn't lose too much sleep over it either. The finale is 'Shangai Switch' which I am sure is something relating to a deviancy but in my innocence I know not what ha, ha. It's a quick thrust and relieves ones tension with the pace altered ideally throughout. Great guitar sequence that has hints of oriental influence. It is a raw and ready punk projection - eat it! http://www.fungalpunknature.co.uk/

3:16 review An international punk rock incident

THE ERUPTORS/ CULO A BOCA SPLIT CD SELF-RELEASED An international punk rock incident comes crashing through the gates courtesy of English/Irish troupe The Eruptors and California’s Culo A Boca, joining forces to comprise their 11-track split offering. Up first are The Eruptors, whose hard-edged street punk appeal comes staggering straight from the back room of the pub, exerting a Motorhead meets Dead Boys vibe. From there, the wild and crazy Culo A Boca takes over with their theatrically-driven punk flair channeling everything from surf and psychobilly to horrorpunk with a spectacle of a live show that suits the maniacal nature of this guy/gal vocal outfit’s musical output. Bubbling up from the underground, these are two bands that deserve a spin for those jonesing for a shot of raw and unfettered punk rock. www.eruptors.50megs.com - Mike SOS of 3:16 productions

Heavy Metal Time Machine

Heavy Metal Time Machine; Split Album Review

This one showed up in my mailbox the other week with a hand drawn picture on the envelop of a punk rocker throwing bottle at another dude's head on the envelope. Plus there was Cula A Boca sticker on the envelope as well, but I had never heard of this band and wondered how this had ended up being delivered to me. Then I opened it up and saw that the Eruptors were the other band on this split disc. I am very familiar with the Eruptors and their brand of turbo charged madness. Okay so the UK's Eruptors are up first with four studio tracks and on live one. The material is similar in mood to the previous albums. They blend metal, old style hardcore and even surf rock into a crazed attack and top it all off with their brand of silliness. They are in fine form on these tracks and my only complaint is that I wish there were more than four tracks. As I said I wasn't familiar with Cula A Boca so these six tracks were my initiation to their insane world. This California based act are highly influences by the Misfits. Although the female vocals and their steady groove driven style helps them to put their own stamp on every song. Some of their songs were quite similar to one another,. However they lead me on a quick and fun ride with some bouncing 60's tones mixed in with early 80's punk simplicity. I enjoyed the entries from both band immensely on this split disc. Both bands have different sounds, but their love of fun and loud music shines through on this album. Labels: Cula A Boca, Eruptors Self-produced 2011

I'm a fan of split EPs and singles - more bang for your buck, you might say

The Eruptors/Culo A Boca - Split EP (Self Released) CD Reviews Written by Ross Welford of UBER ROCK Tuesday, 15 February 2011 06:00 I'm a fan of split EPs and singles - more bang for your buck, you might say? Taking a chance on something a bit different at times is what it's all about, right? The Eruptors and Culo A Boca share 11 tracks of what can only be described as cheap, dirty garage punk rock and all this in just 25 minutes minutes. Bargain. For my money, The Eruptors come out best with four tracks plus a well recorded 'live' track which showcases the back to basics, no frills, let's just play attitude they specialise in. This follows on from the Uber Rock approved album 'Seduce And Destroy' from the tail end of last year and they still sound 1000% Rock. 'Heart Burnin' and 'Worst Thing In My Life' are full on, no thrills, head down, give a fuck songs but when they go all trippy and semi-stoner on us with 'Set The Controls To Destroy' and 'Curse Of The Leprechaun' you realise that they're more talented than those first two songs would have you believe. All of a sudden, gone are the blind alleys they run up and they start turning corners and into a band that you need to listen too because you're really not sure where they're going to go next but wherever it is, you sure want to be there. Chase that up with a live song, 'One Minute Decision', and you've got a great little EP.... But then you get Culo A Boca too.

What can I say about Culo A Boca (which means Ass To Mouth in Spanish, linguist fans)? Complete fucking headcases would be one phrase. Comprising of two singers, one a tattooed blonde bombshell in zombie make-up, the other a crazy Mexican wrestler in spandex, they play basic American garage punk which sounds more mental yet attractive with each play. Imagine a dark American dive of a bar with only seven people in attendance and this lot playing songs titled 'Glory Hole', 'Dick In The Dirt' and 'Blow Up Doll Rape Victim (On The Side Of The Interstate)' with lyrics such as "I'm gonna shit in your mouth and duct tape it shut" (to which she seductively replies "ahhh yeh") and you'll get somewhere close to the mentality of this lot. Neither singer would be classed as particularly good but such is the intent and car-crash TV of it, you can't help but want to hear it again just to check if it was that bad/good. It's not big and it's not clever, it's just Culo A Boca.




The Eruptors/Culo A Boca: Fuck You Pretty! CD split (self-released 2011)

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Eruptors/Culo A Boca: Fuck You Pretty! CD split (self-released 2011)

The Eruptors begin the split with two 2-minute punk songs worthy of a serious moshpit thrashing in "Hearts Burnin'" and "Worst Thing in My Life." I'm talking black eyes, a bloody nose, maybe even a broken arm. You'll be too pumped full of adrenalin to notice while you're in the pit, but the next morning, man, you'll be bruised and bloody. "Set the Controls to Destroy" (file under droning sludgedom) sounds like the boys were hanging out in a dank basement somewhere smoking pot and watching old Godzilla movies on a shitty tv with bad reception. It's only 3 minutes long, but seems infinitely longer somehow. (Must be the drugs.) And "Curse of the Leprechaun" is, I'm pretty sure, an Irish folk song on acid. The Eruptors finish things off with a live version of "One Minute Decision." I don't know where they recorded this, but the crowd is going fucking wild. I imagine spilled beer, pumping fists, good friends and good times.

Culo A Boca (Spanish for "ass to mouth") hails from the San Francisco Bay area and dubs itself "your favourite vomit party band." I've never been to a vomit party myself, but if it sounds like this, I bet it's a pretty fun time. Like a twisted hybrid punk version of The Rezillos and Aqua (yes, you read that correctly), Culo A Boca songs like "Glory Hole" ("Surrender your culo!" shouts the chorus), "Rocketship," "Blowup Doll Rape Victim," and "I Wanna Puke" tear things up in a terribly amusing dirtbag-rockabilly style. "Dick in the Dirt" is my favourite, a psychobilly ode to giving a handjob/getting fingered in the back row of a horror movie a la my hometown's The Matadors. "Shanghai Switch" closes the record with a little surf guitar and angry punk vocals about drinking whiskey and (I think) leering at underaged girls. It's over so fast it's hard to tell.

The CD split thing is kind of weird. I think that Fuck You Pretty! would work better on vinyl; the simple act of flipping the record would make the split more cohesive somehow. Still, both bands are a good time, and what is rock and roll about if not a good time? You can pick yourself up a copy from http://www.eruptors.com/.

The Eruptors/Culo a Boca – “F*** You Pretty”

Album Review: The Eruptors/Culo a Boca – “F*** You Pretty” BY ANDY CLOSE – MARCH 11, 2011 Split EP’s … ah, now there’s a heart-warming phrase from the past for you. If you’ve not heard of The Eruptors yet then I really don’t know what to compare this band to musically except maybe the cider and hallucinogenics fuelled soundtrack to some sort of Japanese style “monster destroys Tokyo” B-movie. To say they’re a bit unhinged is understatement and the five tracks they contribute to this EP are just as brilliantly deranged as they always are from the frenetic opener “Hearts Burnin’” and “Worst Thing In My Life” through the Butthole Surfers style lunacy of “Set The Controls To Destroy” to the lurching “Curse of the Leprechaun” (complete with an Irish jig style middle 8 – I kid you not). Although there’s nothing on here that quite matches the sheer unbridled wonderful chaotic insanity of their best moment “Cannibal Holocaust”, it’s another bunch of fantastically demented tracks that remind you just why we need bands like the Eruptors so much.

Incredibly, they seem to have managed to find a bunch of similarly deranged musical miscreants from across the Atlantic to share this EP with as well in the form of Culo a Boca (it’s Spanish for “Ass to Mouth” just in case you were wondering) who sound like a XXX-rated version of the B-52′s crossed with the X Men. You’ve got a kooky girl singer (who apparently dresses as a blonde tattooed zombie onstage), a growly bloke singer (who apparently dresses as a leopardskin-clad Mexican luchador onstage) and songs called “Glory Hole”, “I Wanna Puke” and “Blowup Doll Rape Victim (On The Side Of The Interstate)” – really, what’s not to like? All I’ll say is that they sound every bit as nuts as the song titles suggest with spiralling guitars, drums which won’t even contemplate going slower than 200mph and semi-intelligible lyrics which make Evil Scarecrow sound like Stephen Hawking in terms of sensibleness.

Let’s just wind up this review by saying that I insist that these two bands get a tour sorted over here some time soon. If it happens, chalk me down for a ticket.

zombuddies interview part 2

5. What are you guys working on right now?

Well JJ, aside from the usual EE-ing, brain-eating, and developing new material, we have a few important events coming up for which we would really appreciate support from all the zombuddies out there. First, we are competing to bring filth rock horror punk to the Van\'s Warped Tour this year. The first round of competition is determined by votes, and you can cast yours for us every day at: www.battleofthebands.com/culoaboca. Also, we will be competing in Your Music Magazine\'s Music Olympics in Santa Cruz, CA. The first round of the competition will be held April 2nd at Coaster\'s Lounge, so be there to support your favorite party band! Stop by http://www.culoaboca.com to stay on top of shows coming to your area or to contact us. We have some music for you to check out, stories on our blog to keep you wet & horny.

6. Can you recommend any zombie films that are worth renting? Well JJ, there are many to choose from, but the best zombie movie out there is the movie Zombie (no, we\'re not just being lazy by rearranging the words \"zombie movie\"). Lucio Fulci\'s 1979 classic is hands down, the best zombie flick ever made. Or, you can rent Zombie 2, as it is exactly the same movie. But we also have a suggestion to any movie producers out there who want to tackle a lucrative project we have in mind: A zombie rendition of the Brazilian scat film Hungry Bitches (better known for the movie\'s trailer & brought to mainstream attention through a viral video entitled \"2 Girls 1 Cup\"). For which, of course, we will provide the soundtrack.....Wow! You really provided us with some disturbing mental imagery that will give us nightmares for weeks! Keep up the good work! We also noticed that you’ve listed several other shows in San Francisco and Santa Cruz coming up on your website: http://www.culoaboca.com We look forward to seeing you on stage again soon. Thanks, guys!

zombuddies interview Part 1

1. Could you first translate for our non-multilingual zombuddies what “Cula A Boca” means? It sounds like an exotic salad dressing from France or Greece, or one of those other fancy places… Well JJ, let\'s start by saying that you\'re not too far off the mark when you mention \"salad.\" Culo a Boca is a beast of many forms, one of which being a salad of the tossed variety: the loving embrace of tongue & anus. Or sometimes it is procedural instruction, as it is with the fish hook: insertion of some object, be it finger or vegetable or what have you, into the butt, immediately followed by the grabbing & pulling of the inside of one\'s cheek. In case it\'s unclear, Culo A Boca translates simply to \"Ass to Mouth,\" which even has its own aisle at your local porn dealership..... 2. There are a few undead in your Zomband. How do you guys do your zombie makeup? Well JJ, that\'s a great question. In a term, it would be enema explosion (\"EE\"). Let me explain myself. We all stand around in a circle (some of us on stools so our heads are all at the same level) around Diablo Culo, who is spinning at 400RPM on a pottery wheel. The centripetal forces churn his bowels - which are, by this point, a wild mess of black & white makeup, blood, and this morning\'s bean burrito - and prepare the sloppy mess for evacuation. In a single horrifying moment, we each in turn receive a shotgun blast to the face of zombie makeup mastery. Some of the greatest makeup artists in zombie production today have tried to apprentice under this technique, but just couldn\'t take the filth. Richard Taylor, of Dead Alive fame, had a particularly weak stomach (due to an unfortunate fecal situation)..... 3. Do have any advice for zombuddies that want to start a band?Well JJ, No. NEXT QUESTION. 4. What happens when you’re on tour and you’re trapped in a dive bar and there’s a zombie attack? What would be your weapon of choice? Well JJ, seeing as we would obviously be the zombies in said situation, the question is, what would your weapon of choice be? It wouldn\'t matter, because we would fire liquid stool all over your faces, instantaneously blinding you and sending your face into a rotting mess that would make a leper blush. At this point, the combination of disgust & sheer horror (accompanied, of course, by involuntary convulsion & vomiting) for the remaining survivors would result in paralysis, leaving behind only a delicious meal.