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Open Mic Night Thursday with Bateman Red, Cries Of Solace and many others...

Who's ready for some live open mic action! Thurday 11-29-2012 Cries Of Solace will join host Bateman Red and many others for the Open Mic Jam at Acadia!

Cries Of Solace live at Acadia 12-14-2012

Hello everyone! Cries Of Solace has just been added to the bill for the Winters End show at Acadia on 12-14-2012! Lineup for the evening will be Winters End, Memory Of A Melody, Cries Of Solace and Mindenema! Hope to see you there!

Cries Of Solace is back!!!

CRIES OF SOLACE is back! We have started rehearsals and will be joining Stone Pusher at The 19th Hole in the Woodlands, TX on 12-21-2012! We hope to see you there! More updates and info on other live shows coming very soon! ROCK ON!!!!

CoS Videos/Links

We wanted to let everyone know we have posted some live mp3's and live videos on youtube!! Hit us up on FB and Twitter too!! As always thanks alot for all the support!!! Ya'll kick ass!! \m/!! CoS - Robert

4/20 thank you!!

THANK YOU to all who were able to make it out for the 4/20 show at The 19th Hole last night! We had a great time and hope to do another show there again soon! Keep listening and passing the name Cries Of Solace on to all your friends, we appreicate all the great support! ROCK ON!!!!

Thank you so much from Cries Of Solace!!

Cries Of Solace would like to say thank you so much to everyone who made it out to our Thursday show at Acadia and especially on Friday at The Concert Pub North! Thank you to Acadia and Bateman Red, we're taking a short break from Thursday open Mic, but we will return. Thank you to The Concert Pub North, Alex Lozano, The United Music Alliance, Stone Pusher, Glass Chamber, Axion and all the friends and fans that came out and supported the show on Friday night! Cries Of Solace had a great time playing the show and look forward to doing many more! Thanks to all for the great support, keep on rockin'!! ~Mikal - CoS

Two shows this week!!

Hello everyone!! We are proud to announce that we have two shows this week! Thursday, March 8th we will be playing at Acadia on FM 1960 with our friends Bateman Red and various other talented musicians and vocalists in the Thursday night Open Mic Night! If you haven't had the chance to hit this place for a night of fun, we highly recommend it! Lots of great music and a great atmosphere, check it out! Next up is Friday the 9th at The Concert Pub North where we've got the opening slot for Stone Pusher! Axion hits the stage at 9, Glass Chamber at 10, Cries Of Solace 11 and Stone Pusher at midnight! This is definitely going to be a show that is not to be missed! See you there! ROCK ON!!!

Open Mic Thursday at Acadia

Thanks to everyone who was at Acadia for Open Mic Night! We had a great time! We're heading back this next Thurday, March 1st! Come on out and check out the show as we get warmed up for the March 9th show at The Concert Pub North where we'll be opening for Stone Pusher! Hope to see you at one of the upcoming shows! Cries Of Solace would like to thank everyone for the continuing support! Keep checking the sites for shows, new music coming soon! ROCK ON!!!

March 9th show- Stone Pusher w/ Cries Of Solace

Thank you to everyone who is hittin' the sites and listening to the tunes! You have helped us move up in the local Rock Chart rankings quite significantly over the past couple weeks! We are proud to announce a March 9th show, opening for Stone Pusher @ The Concert Pub North in Houston, TX! Looking forward to seeing you there!! Keep listening and getting the word out! More new music on the way very soon! Thank you for your continuing support, ROCK ON!!!! ~Mikal - CoS

Upcoming live show info and new music!

Cries Of Solace is hittin' the local scene in Houston! We are booking some local shows and will post details in the next few days! Thanks to all for the continuing support and your patience as well! We are really looking forward to finally playing in a live environment and getting to hang out with everyone who has brought this musical project to life! Keep the buzz alive and share the website info with your friends! More info to come........ ROCK ON!! ~Mikal - CoS