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It's been a while....

well....we have not been updating our blog on Reverbnation so....yea....here it is. It's been about 3 month since we released our 1st EP, Entanglement. Hope everybody is enjoying it. and if you still don't have the EP yet, just get it! You can get our EP on our official web for any price you want until 8/30/2011...so don't miss this chance! http://fallofthealbatross.com/fr_news.cfm

Anthony FOTA

Being violated by cute little woodland critters? There's an app for that.

What up y'all!

Hope everyone is enjoying the extremely pleasant weather we've gotten -_- ...

HaroldFOTA with an update on what's going on with your favorite neighborhood metal band.

We need all the FOTA boys and girls (that means you) to come out February 7th to the Production Lounge! If you need tickets ($9) don't hide from us like you owe us drug money, HIT US UP! We use email (fallofthealbatross@gmail.com) and if you have any of our numbers don't be shy. We would appreciate the support, and in turn we will give you the best show humanly possible (with a money back guarantee.)

In other (equally important) news... After months of tedious tracking and battling life's obstacles (and sometimes each other), we are pleased to say that the EP is in the mixing stage. That means it's only a matter of time before you guys all have to buy cars just so you can drive around bumping that new FOTA shiiiiiizzz. I would recommend getting a lime green cadillac that's been pimped out by Xhibit with a giant sub in the back and "FOTA BITCH!" written on the side in rhinestones... just saying...

So just in case you forgot already, COME PARTY WITH US ON FEBRUARY 7TH AT THE PRODUCTION LOUNGE! We have tickets in our back pockets. ;)

Til next time,


Hey, remember that show Animorphs? Well, this has nothing to do with it.

Hey all!

We hope you all are sticking to your New Years resolutions, as we are excited about ours, which is to bring everyone into our world in 2011.

We just finished writing a new song and we are quite excited about it (we hope you are too!) To describe it in a few words: schizophrenic, unicorn teardrops, grizzly, smooth like gravy, and more bounce than a basketball. Don't worry though, we won't make you wait too long to hear it. Maybe at an upcoming show...

Speaking of which, here are a few dates we will be playing to kick off the new year:

February 7th @ the Production Lounge (113 Franklin St., Brooklyn, NY 11222)

February 26th @ Goodbye Blue Monday (1087 Broadway Brooklyn, NY 11221)

We invite you to come get silly with us! More details to come...

There is a level of excitement from our EP recording that can only be rivaled by the feeling little kids get when the ice cream truck comes down the block (in the summer). Only difference is that our ice cream truck is full of jazzy metal proggy goodness.

With that said, stay tuned for official announcements. You'll be seeing a lot of us very soon...


Ramblings on Song Writing with Funnies, perhaps.

Think about a painter and how he takes different colors and uses a brush to work and mush the paint together in order to produce the desired image. Song writing can be very similar. Different sounds, rhythms, time signatures, and dynamics are worked together by artists and their instruments. The musicians end product is a portrait of sound.

Artistry is a visionary experience. You can never get from A to B without having an idea of what B is. Limitations, rules, the steps you take to reach your destination, all fuel the creativity in approach to setting the boundaries of the artistic journey. Even limiting yourself to making something completely random is in itself a boundary within it containing unbelievable possibilities. It is the idea of form and structure that gives life to something otherwise indifferent.

How does one write music for Fall Of The Albatross? A mouse in the room farts, and all of a sudden hyena laughter fills the studio as confetti bombs explode in four corners while an elf on a tricycle busts down the door playing the next break-bounce section of our future song, giving us the idea that we should stop binge drinking Arizona green tea cans and start thinking about what to play next. Huh?

Rob Bass Fisherman

2011 is right around the corner...

And that means you can expect to see a lot more of us very soon. At the time of this writing, we are finishing up vocal recording on the upcoming EP, as anticipate release within the next couple of months. We understand that people are waiting (like 1 or 2) but we promise, it will be worth the wait! In other news:

-We are booking shows for 2011 as of right now. If anyone is interested in booking us (we do birthday parties!) or interested in seeing us and having their ears climax, then keep checking our Reverbnation page, or our twitteris (twitter.com/FOTANYC) and you will be a well-informed human being. =)

-Kinda random note, but if you haven't heard Irepress yet, check them out NOW! Great band from Boston, MA, definitely worth a listen if you like proggy metal sexy stuff (which I already know you do.)

-Love the Silver Epic? Wanna hear it on FM Radio? Check out 90.3 fm on Saturday night/ early Sunday morning from 12am-2am and you might hear us. If you can request the Silver epic, please support us by doing so!

More news to come...Until then, remember, Sexy Commando is the ultimate style of style of martial arts. Bye ya'll. =)


Greetings from Fall Of The Albatross! Heck Yeah!

Hola mis amigos,

...that's all the spanish i know. Harold here from FOTA, just saying hiii! to the Reverbnation community and the entire world.

We witnessed the ball drop less than a week ago, bringing in 2010. Knowing that we're 2 years from world destruction (according to the ancient Mayans...and the movie), you'll be happy to know that we are hard at work on our EP that should be out realllly really soon.

The details are to be announced within the next few weeks. We'll be posting status updates, blogs, videos, and other delicious yummies in html form leading up to the album release. Of course, we'll get some shows lined up, some merchandise, and more.

Til next blog, everybody be good humans, and masturbate regularly. =)


(Note: the opinions of Harold McCummings on masturbation do not reflect the views of Fall of the Albatross and/or those associated with the band.)