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Check out The After Dark Clothing & Designs' Store on The Web!!! Merchandise, Clothing, Art, Apparel, & Much More.... Also a direct Link to The J Rag Store..... CD's, Downloads, Music, Video's, Posters, Merchandise, Ringtones,& More..... All available to you here!!! Just Visit http://www.zazzle.com/jrag3218 Also go to: http://www.reverbnation.com/store/jrag (c)J Rag Publishing(ASCAP) MindScApe Ent.(R), After Dark Studio's

The 2010 Summer Solstice Charity Event @ The PlayBoy Mansion!!!

J Rag has been invited as a Special Guest & participant to the 2010 Summer Solstice Charity Event!! The Party & Event is at The PlayBoy Mansion!!! LA here we come!! Heffner is playing host to the Summer's biggest Charity Event of the Year!! With many Special Celebrity Guest Appearances, Performances, & Entertainment!!! We are searching for ONE lovely Lady who can accompany Philly HipHop Recording Artist J Rag aka Joey Rags{Rhino Records} to The Event/Party wich will be in Los Angelas, California in August!!! We will be holding a drawing for each registered participant or Fan to get the chance to be J Rag's guest for the Affair on that Saturday Night!!! Please go to The Official J Rag Music Page for all the Details...... VISIT: @ http://www.reverbnation.com/jrag OR @ http://www.myspace.com/jragmusicpage or simply just SEARCH: J RAG on FaceBook

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"A Look Into The Mirror"

"I have done so much shady shit in my day...Tortured my self because of the choices I've made....And every night I look into my eyes and I ask the questions.....Who's the Man Staring back at me In The Mirror?" "Who's the man looking back at me In The Mirror?" (c)J Rag Publishing(ASCAP) ~~~J Rag, MindScApe Ent.(R) www.myspace.com/jragmusicpage

A Night Out with J Rag

"A Night Out" with J Rag @ The Tavern On Broad May 15th, 2010 Saturday Night 9pm-3am VIP, Guest List @ Front Door, Tables,Bottles.....Open Bar $30 @ Door, Special VIP Guest List

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www.myspace.com/afterdarkstudio www.myspace.com/jragmusicpage Also J Rag Blog on FaceBook "Open Eyes" I've done so much shady shit in my day, tortured myself because of the choices I've made.Now every night I look into my eyes and ask the question. Who's the man staring back at me in the mirror? ---J Rag,(c)J Rag Publishing(ASCAP)