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New Adventure

Hey all, Aaron here... It has been a crazy few years starting out with writing and performing my music, a lot of great memories. I have found how difficult it is to get music out to people. I have really focused my writing to how great God really is and how he has helped me through so much in the last year. I have many new songs, but limited studio time, so eventually I will get some new stuff up, I want to help people realize how great God is and how he loves everyone.. I am hoping to get some radio play from local stations in the near future and see what people think. I have the "With Everything" song demo up that I recorded on May 27th, there will be more stuff added to this song next week from TY. This song is focused on giving your everything to God, really pursuing a Christ-like attitude in everyday living and helping those around you. Please tell me what you think of it, and I hope to have more songs for you to listen to in the coming months

God Bless,

Aaron Milbourn