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This is the kind of review that keeps me going.

"Protea inspired me in ways I can likely never repay -- I had been aware of Serena's social and artistic presence for some years. I suspect I will never forget to the end of my days the first night I saw her perform a summoning ritual as Protea. The totality of her presence, performance, and purpose closed many doors and open a select few new ones for me in the span of a just a few moments in ways I still question with no small amount of both horror and delight. She is a clearly gifted intellectual, linguist, magician, and artist." --Sean Means


Yes--Oh. My. Cat. I was searching for my Serena Toxicat tumblr and found this!


Welcome to the protea patch!

Serena Toxicat's intensely personal, dark experimental project has grown to include a small constellation of guest musicians in the electronic idiom, including a thereminist and an ARP drone artist. Its manifestation into form has come about through technologies of varying strata, from low budget to high end, and has never included any stock loops or sounds, rather soundscapes crafted from found aural sources. A priestess of Bast, Sekhmet and Isinephthys ordained in the Fellowship of Isis at Isis Oasis temple and ocelot sanctuary, Serena celebrates the Ancient Egyptian pantheon with gnosis and devotion in a matrix of ether and artful "noise". Since the release of The Osiris Tree one Winter Solstice, Protea has been featured on several compilations and will release a second full-length album in time for this year's Conflux. Sa Sakhem Sahu. Ama Iset. Em hotep. Mau Bast! Mau Bast! Mau Bast!