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New Video Out - "Empathia"!

Happy 2015, Everyone! Just a quick note to let you know that we’re rolling out a new video today – It’s our ode to empathy from our “Rings Around The Sun” CD: “Empathia”! The video includes some studio footage of the band, as well as live footage shot at The International Pop Overthrow Music Festival in New York in late 2013 with John, Dan, Dave, Eric & Andy. The video also makes use of some of the unused footage shot for the “Supergirl” video, featuring the beautiful Amanda. We hope you like it, and please share if you feel inclined. Check it out!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HRjgLXaMjVU Also, in case you weren’t aware, last fall we released our first single toward an upcoming fourth VWR CD called “The Girl Holding Out For Me.” That new song, along with a slide show of some VWR pics can be seen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_b9ILNx5pBc Another video released last year was “You Set The World On Fire” which includes footage from last year’s VWR performance at the Washington Area Music Association’s WAMMIE awards show: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tSWPVlcH8P0 2015 looks to be an exciting and productive year for VWR. We have a whole stack of new songs written and ready to roll out over the course of the upcoming year, and we are finalizing the mix on one of those currently – so look for a great new VWR single in the upcoming weeks! Several other songs will follow that, as we wrap up tracks started at Cue Studios with Andy on drums last year. We plan to be diving into the next batch of rhythm tracks on tunes shortly as we finish these current ones. As always, VWR music can be downloaded/purchased here: Rings Around The Sun: https://vegaswithrandolph.bandcamp.com/album/rings-around-the-sun Above The Blue: https://vegaswithrandolph.bandcamp.com/album/above-the-blue Vegas With Randolph: https://vegaswithrandolph.bandcamp.com/album/vegas-with-randolph Hope your 2015 is the best one so far! Talk to you soon, John, Eric, Andy, Brock, Dan, Dave VWR http://www.vegaswithrandolph.com

Starting CD #4 Next Week!


VWR is thrilled to announce that the first studio sessions -- which will begin our efforts on a FOURTH CD -- have just been booked! We will be going into Cue Studios, in Falls Church VA on Friday, May 16th to lay down Andy's drum tracks on four great new VWR tunes. As you may know, each CD we do is always a multi-year recording affair, and we expect this one to be as carefuly crafted as our previous three, so don’t start lining up at the record stores just yet….But as always, you can be on the lookout for sneak peeks of a few singles that we will likely be rolling out later this year, and of course more updates along the way as CD #4 efforts begin!


Our video for "Rings Around The Sun"'s first track "You Set The World On Fire" was released a few weeks back. As well as featuring our pals Copernicus, Einstein, Henry Ford, Steve Jobs, & others, it also includes live footage of the band performing at The International Pop Overthrow Music Festival in New York last fall, and from our performance at the 28th Annual Wammie Awards Show at Virginia’s State Theater in February. Check it out here!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tSWPVlcH8P0

MORE VIDEOS To see a bunch of our other videos, follow this link to our website video page : http://www.vegaswithrandolph.com/vwrvideos.html

GOT YOUR P’s OUR CD’s YET ? Among other occassions, our three CD’s make excellent Mother’s Day and Father’s Day gifts. Show your paternal love, or gift yourself, at the links below : Rings Around The Sun: http://www.vegaswithrandolph.bandcamp.com/album/rings-around-the-sun Above The Blue: http://www.vegaswithrandolph.bandcamp.com/album/above-the-blue Vegas With Randolph (debut): http://www.vegaswithrandolph.bandcamp.com/album/vegas-with-randolph

Happy May to you all!

John, Eric, Dave, Dan, Brock, Andy Vegas With Randolph http://www.vegaswithrandolph.com

Wammie Nominations & New "Making Of" Video!

Happy February Friends! Some cool news this month from VWRland.... WAMMIE NOMINATIONS ! Wammie nominations just came out, and VWR is honored to have been nominated this year for Wammies in FIVE Categories by the Washington Area Music Association (WAMA). Our nominations include : •Album Of The Year (for "Rings Around The Sun") •Pop/Rock Group •Video Of The Year (for "Snow Day") •Album Artwork (Nancy Harty for "Rings Around The Sun") •Pop/Rock Album (for "Rings Around The Sun") If you’d like to take a look at all the nominees, as well as see all 6 of the nominated album covers, check out the Wammie ballot here : http://wamadc.com/wama/wammies/wambal28.html


Our long awaited "Making Of " video is finally complete! The video features footage from the "Rings Around The Sun" recording sessions, including in-studio clips of VWR recording every song on the CD. It also includes recording footage of nearly all of the CD’s guest musicians such as David Myhr, Brandon Schott, Bob Wilson, Andy Reed, Wim Oudijk, and Drake Harris. The video is interspersed with clips from recent radio interviews about "Rings" by Michael McCartney (The Time Machine), Alan Haber (Alan Haber’s Pure Pop), and Adam Waltemire (Pop Garden Radio). Finally, it also shows excerpts of recent "Rings Around The Sun" reviews and commentary by Aaron Kupferberg, Steve Murdock, Wayne Lundqvist Ford, and Bill Sammon. The video was put together and edited by the multi-talented Todd Stanton, for Todd Productions (toddproductions.com). It’s a great way to get a quick overview of the new album. Check it out here !: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8l8ZKf3uc9U

Hope the new month is starting out great for all of you. Cheers! John, Eric, Dave, Dan, Brock, Andy Vegas With Randolph http://www.vegaswithrandolph.com


Hi Friends!


Our new CD was released last month, and it is now available just about everywhere you’d buy music: Amazon, iTunes, KoolKatMusik, CDBaby etc. as well as Bandcamp (with free stickers thrown in) at: https://vegaswithrandolph.bandcamp.com/album/rings-around-the-sun

CD RELEASE PARTIES – NY (11/17) and DC/VA (12/2) !! Our NY Show & CD Release Party will be Sunday evening, November 17 as part of the famous "International Pop Overthrow" Music Festival! The line-up includes: 7:30 meyerman; 8:15 Vegas With Randolph; 9:00 Starbelly; 9:45 Jana Peri; 10:30 The Anderson Council. Bar Matchless is at 557 Manhattan Ave. in Brooklyn, and can be found online at barmatchless.com. Tickets are $10 at the door. Come see us and all the other great IPO bands at this fall’s only NYC VWR show!

Then, our DC Area CD Release Party will be Monday, December 2 at VA’s best small concert hall Jammin’ Java, located at 227 Maple Ave in Vienna Virginia! Opening the night will be “Jamie & Steve” (jamieandsteve.net) from the legendary NC powerpop band The Spongetones!! And kicking things off is The GoAround from West Chester, PA (thegoaround.com). MC’ing the whole night will be pop music luminary, reviewer, and PurePopRadio DJ Alan Haber (purepopradio.com)!!

Now joining us on drums, starting with these shows, is the DC renowned drummer Andy Hamburger! For anyone who knows Andy’s extensive resume, you’ll know that this is likely to be the strongest VWR live rhythm section yet. We can’t wait to roll out our new songs to you live!!

Join our Facebook event page for more info and updates about these Release Party shows: https://www.facebook.com/#!/events/540706116008181

12/2 DC AREA CD RELEASE PARTY TICKETS: Release Party tickets thru this link (only) include a free download and a free VWR sticker, in addition to the exciting show mentioned above! Tickets are $13 at the door, but you should save $$ and get stuff by purchasing in advance for $10 here: http://vegaswithrandolph.bandcamp.com/merch/tickets-to-rings-cd-release-party-dec-2nd-at-jammin-java

MORE CD REVIEWS! More “Rings Around The Sun” reviews have been rolling in. Wanna see what the latest critics are saying? ABSOLUTE POWERPOP: http://absolutepowerpop.blogspot.com/2013/10/weekend-roundup.html DC ROCK LIVE: http://dcrocklive.blogspot.com/2013/11/record-reviews-oct-2013.html POWERPAHOLIC.COM: http://www.powerpopaholic.com/2013/10/vegas-randolph-rings-around-sun.html ICE CREAM MAN POWERPOP AND MORE: http://icecreamman1967.blogspot.se/2013/10/vegas-with-randolph-rings-around-sun.html ELO/BEATLES FOREVER BLOG: http://elobeatlesforever.blogspot.com/2013/10/review-rings-around-sun-vegas-with.html

Thanks to all of you, let us know what you think of the new CD, and we hope to see a lot of you at our upcoming shows!

Dave, Dan, Eric, John, Brock, Andy Vegas With Randolph http://www.vegaswithrandolph.com


Friends, “RINGS AROUND THE SUN“ IS NOW OUT! In case anyone missed it, we released “Rings Around The Sun” on the last day of September. Thanks so much to everyone who has ordered a package! If you still haven’t ordered yours, do it here: http://vegaswithrandolph.bandcamp.com/album/rings-around-the-sun . “Rings” will also be coming to excellent music sites like Koolkatmusik.com and CDBaby.com as well as Amazon and iTunes later this week. NEW REVIEWS! Reviews have just started to come in. Check out the brand new review on Powerpopaholic.com, where nifty things are said like ”likely....the best VWR album to date” and “Highly recommended” : http://www.powerpopaholic.com/2013/10/vegas-randolph-rings-around-sun.html . And last week there was a full album review at: http://emergingindiebands.com/vegas-with-randolph-rings-around-the-sun-lp-review/ T-SHIRTS : JUST A FEW LEFT! We now only have just a few limited edition "Rings" T-Shirts left and they are going quickly – the remaining handful of shirts are in XL and XXL only. If you want one, act fast! The T’s are 6.0-oz Gildan Heavyweight Blend T-Shirt (2000), preshrunk 100% cotton jerseys. There are new pictures of the T’s at the link below. Pick a CD/Shirt package from this link (or order a shirt only): http://vegaswithrandolph.bandcamp.com/album/rings-around-the-sun Thanks everyone and we’ll be back in a few days to announce when the CD is available at all the sites mentioned above. Thanks again for all your support! VWR

New Song, IPO, and 5 Days Until Our CD Release!

FIVE DAYS AWAY now from the release of “Rings Around The Sun” ! (Tell your friends they can pre-order here: http://vegaswithrandolph.bandcamp.com/album/rings-around-the-sun ) So, as you may expect there is a lot going on in camp VWR…

NEW SONG: LATE JUNE AS mentioned in our last email we are posting a song a week for 4 weeks – this is our third: “Late June”, Track 10 on our CD, it’s a simple yet catchy powerpop thing that traces a summer encounter across time. We hope you like it!: http://vegaswithrandolph.bandcamp.com/track/late-june Our final song we’ll be posting prior to Monday’s CD release will be our title track “Rings Around The Sun”. Be on the lookout for that one this Sunday.

MORE INTERVIEWS Several more interviews are coming: We have recently completed a new follow-up interview with Alan Haber which focuses mostly on the final 5 songs recorded for the CD. This interview will premier the day of our CD release (Monday, Sept 30) at 8pm, as well as being aired on 10/2 at 8pm and 10/4 at 4pm – you can tune in here: http://loudcity.com/stations/alan-haber-s-pure-pop In addition we are recording an interview tonight with the esteemed Michael McCartney of Hawaii’s stations KEAO FM, KONI FM, KPMW FM, KRKH FM, KTOH FM, & KYRL FM on his show The Time Machine. Air time is still TBD but we will let you know. Finally, there are a few more interviews in the works as well, all to be announced.

INTERNATIONAL POP OVERTHROW, NYC !! Our New York City CD Release Party will be at the famed IPO, on November 17th at Matchless in Brooklyn. All our NY area friends: save the date! We go on at 8pm between a variety of great bands. DC area release party info will follow as well.

NEW SHIRTS and STICKERS are being designed. We’re soon ordering the limited edition “Rings Around The Sun” T-Shirts. THESE WILL ONLY BE AVAILABLE THRU PRE-ORDER OVER THE NEXT FEW DAYS. So, if you haven’t ordered one yet and think you may want one, now is the time. The design is still being finalized (regarding some of the exact colors), but you can now see the rough idea of the design at the link below. The front will feature the VWR logo over the sun artwork (which will also be used as the art for the disc itself), and a version of the “Rings Around The Sun” album cover on the back. Sizes range from S to XXL. To order a shirt, click: http://vegaswithrandolph.bandcamp.com/merch/venus-package-rings-around-the-sun-t-shirt-more

NEW SONGS “EVERYBODY WANTS AN ATOM BOMB” and “YOU SET THE WORLD ON FIRE” Finally, in case you missed our other two new songs we posted this month, you can find a link to hear them on the VWR blog: http://www.vegaswithrandolph.com/vwrblog.html

See you on Sunday for the final posted track before our release! Cheers, VWR


Well, all mixes are now done and tonight we are finalizing the mastering/sequencing, so by early next week “Rings Around The Sun” should be in manufacturing! To celebrate, we have made our latest interview (which includes 8 of the songs on the CD) available now for free download. Go here to download or stream online: http://vegaswithrandolph.bandcamp.com/album/interviews

NEW SONG “YOU SET THE WORLD ON FIRE” In addition, we will be releasing a song a week to DJ’s over the next 4 weeks, AND will be posting each song online for those seven days to give our mailing list friends a chance to listen, starting with this one today “You Set The World On Fire” – our brand new ode to scientific achievement (how geeky is that, right?). We hope you like it!: http://vegaswithrandolph.bandcamp.com/track/you-set-the-world-on-fire

PRE-ORDER UPDATE Pre-Orders so far have met nearly 33% of our goal, which has been very helpful in covering a chunk of the “Rings” manufacturing costs. But there is more to go, and since we head into manufacturing next week, now is a great time to help out, spread the word, and pre-order a package (if you haven't already) here: http://vegaswithrandolph.bandcamp.com/album/rings-around-the-sun Pre-Orders of course ensure you will be one of the first to receive the new CD and/or the exclusive “Rings Around The Sun” T-Shirts, which bring us to…

RINGS AROUND THE SUN T-SHIRTS (AVAILABLE BY PRE-ORDER ONLY!) With the CD artwork now complete, the design discussions for the new T-Shirts will be starting shortly (design will include art on the front and back, including the VWR name and some version of the artwork from the new CD). Note that these shirts will be available by PRE-ORDER ONLY. We will only be ordering the quantity that are Pre-Ordered – so to ensure you get a chance to get one, make sure you get your pre-order in within the next week or so! You can do that at the same Pre-Order link as above. All our “Above The Blue” T’s are now sold out, so this is the one chance to get a VWR T, that we have planned for a while.

Thanks everyone & Happy Friday the 13th, VWR

Interview Link & New CD Update

Hi Everyone,

Just a quick note to wish all our friends a great last weekend of Summer, and to give you a few quick updates:

- In case you missed our 90 minute interview on “In Conversation” with Alan Haber, it is now posted on our bandcamp site, so feel free to download or stream it as you like! Here’s the link: http://vegaswithrandolph.bandcamp.com/album/interviews

- A sneak peak of the album artwork has been posted, with more to come. Check it out here if you like: https://www.facebook.com/#!/photo.php?fbid=4453038062573&set=a.2363817513365.85101.1788202825&type=3&theater

- As we push towards our September 30 planned CD release date, we will be sending links to hear some of the newer songs in advance, one per week in September, so be on the lookout for that.

- We are currently working on getting together a video that chronicles some footage of us recording the new CD. It will include clips of nearly every song as well as some of our guest musicians doing their pieces. Look for that sometime around our release date.

- Plans are coming together for some upcoming Release Party shows – stay tuned for more on that.

- Finally: Have you placed your Pre-Order for “Rings Around The Sun” yet? If not, this is a great time to help us out, since we are going into manufacturing within the next week or so (just a couple more mixes to complete). SO -- Order your CD(s), T-Shirt, etc here: http://vegaswithrandolph.bandcamp.com/album/rings-around-the-sun

Happy Labor Day everyone and more updates soon! VWR

Interview this week, New Compilations & More.

Hi Friends!

First, the band would like to send a huge thanks to all of you who have Pre-Ordered our new CD so far!! We have now made it to 20% of our goal (manufacturing costs) with still about 7 weeks before the release date. We still have a long ways to go though, so if you haven’t yet and feel inclined , there are a number of packages to choose from, many of them also with still-to-be-designed “Rings” T-Shirts – take a look here: http://vegaswithrandolph.bandcamp.com/album/rings-around-the-sun We really appreciate your support!

FEATURE INTERVIEW WITH ALAN HABER – This Wednesday, Friday & Saturday!

A few weeks ago, VWR’s John & Eric had an extensive conversation with the veteran DJ and powerpop aficionado Alan Haber on his interview series “In Conversation”. This resulted in a 90 minute interview which also featured 8 of the new VWR songs, including a world debut of our upcoming single “Empathia.” This week, Alan will be running this special in full THREE times, to make sure you all have an opportunity to catch it! Times it will play are:

-Wednesday, August 7, 8pm EST (TOMORROW!);

-Friday, August 9, 8pm EST;

-Saturday, August 10, 5pm EST.

“Catch it if you can!” at the times above at: http://loudcity.com/stations/alan-haber-s-pure-pop


We have songs featured on two new compilation CD’s this summer:

Powerpopaholic-Fest Original Soundtrack Volume II - This long awaited album sponsored by powerpoaholic.com features artists who will be appearing at the Power Popaholic Fest in NYC, and other like-minded bands. It's 14 tracks of melodic, psychedelic, and rockin' power pop perfection from beginning to end! This disc features VWR's song "Salt Water Taffy"! Also check out this promotional video about the disc:


Pop Garden Radio presents The Rock On The Road Tour - Season 4 - Pop Garden Radio (www.popgardenradio.com) Host Adam Waltemire's goal with each of these CDs is to represent what a PGR Rock on the Road Tour show feels like, as well as to have a similar vibe to an episode of Pop Garden Radio. He’d love to think that after listening to this disc you will check out more music by these great artists. ! This disc features VWR's song "Julianne"!


VWR is now in what we hope to be our final month of mixing, with plans to go to manufacturing by teh beginning of September if all goes well. Music and artwork are coming along nicely, and many sneak peaks at both are planned on our Facebook Event page about the album release. If you haven’t “joined” us there yet, please do here and you’ll be the first to hear new tracks, see album art, T-shirt Designs, reviews and etc!: https://www.facebook.com/#!/events/324092777723457/

Next time we’ll talk about our most recent recording artist collaboration, more upcoming song premiers, and live dates for later this year. Stay tuned, and thanks again to all of you for continued interest and support of VWR!

Brock, Eric, Dave, John, Dan

Vegas With Randolph

"Empathia" Debut & 90 Minute Interview - Sunday, 7/14 at 4pm EST!

Hi again friends and happy weekend!

One more email to let you know some exciting news about yet another NEW VWR SONG DEBUT, and our most in-depth interview yet on the upcoming CD “Rings Around The Sun”.

This week we spoke for well over an hour with veteran radio host and pure pop/pop power pop luminary Alan Haber in detail about our upcoming CD. We covered ideas, recording, arrangements and thought processes behind our 8 finished songs (and all eight of them will be played during the interview). In addition to that we also discussed ideas behind most of the remaining 5 songs, including John’s dub of 3 of them as “dissertation songs”.

AND – Alan will be doing a world radio premier of another brand new VWR song called “EMPATHIA”. This one is a bit different for us stylistically (its one of a handful on this CD where we stretched out a bit), so we’re very curious to hear what you think of the result. Tune in, check it out & then drop us a line!

It can all be heard this Sunday the 14th at 4pm EST online at: http://loudcity.com/stations/alan-haber-s-pure-pop Tune in!

In other news………

RINGS AROUND THE SUN PRE-ORDER PAGE Thanks so much to all who have made their “Rings Around The Sun” pre-orders so far!! VWR is very grateful for your support and generosity, as it is what enables us to continue to make new CD’s. We have just surpassed 10% of our pre-order goal, which is a great start. We still have a ways to go though -- Your purchases, additional pledges, and posting, emailing, and spreading the word about this pre-order “campaign” and about our upcoming CD “Rings Around The Sun” are HUGELY APPRECIATED. To Pre-order: http://vegaswithrandolph.bandcamp.com/album/rings-around-the-sun

NEW SONG "COOL THINGS” If you haven’t yet heard our newest single, released last week, take a listen here: http://vegaswithrandolph.bandcamp.com/track/cool-things

FACEBOOK “RINGS AROUND THE SUN” UPDATE PAGE We have just setup a Facebook event page to help keep all our FB friends up-to-speed in these days of limited FB post exposure. We’ll be posting new songs, artwork updates, photos, interviews, fun tidbits and more. If you haven’t already “joined” us there, please do. It’s of course completely free and puts you on the inside track with a lot of info!: https://www.facebook.com/#!/events/324092777723457/?fref=ts

“RINGS AROUND THE SUN” COLLABORATORS One thing that didn’t come up in the recent interview, though should have, were the talented collaborators that helped us on our song “Rings Around The Sun”. Therefore, we are again giving you the link to the video displaying some of the work of these 4 people: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tnU2EvDCqWM Give it a listen, and check out their music as well!

That’s all for a while. Hope you can tune in Sunday, let us know how you like “Empathia” and thanks again for all your support during this exciting time!

John, Eric, Dave, Dan, & Brock / VWR