CASTLE was formed out of solid rock back in 1987. A three piece band from the start, started out playing mostly cover tunes by the like of such bands as Cinderella, Dokken, Ozzy and KISS. The only original song at the time was “Haunted House” written in 1987 by original guitarist and one of the founding members Billy Scott. The band played at local high schools and local picnics. With new years came new members and a new and improved sound. In 1988 CASTLE moved to the clubs and became a featured act and literally the house band at “Obsessions” a Night Club in Randolph, New Jersey where they opened for National acts such as “Zebra”. In 1992 the band began to look as it does today. A new drummer joined after a few drummers came and went. Bilbo, a self-taught drummer, playing since grammar school, joined in September of ‘92. Having never played in any established bands, Bilbo was recruited by the band and was asked to join without even a tryout. One day after he joined, Bilbo and the other members of CASTLE at that time, entered the recording studio to put down the basic tracks on 3 new original songs. Unfortunately the recording studio went bust and all the band was left with was an unfinished, unmixed reel-to-reel tape. The band line up as it currently stands came out of a chance meeting and a one-time Halloween KISS show, complete with a huge KISS logo, blood spitting, and a light show. Bassist and lead vocalist, The Vin, CASTLE’s newest member, joined in ‘93. The Vin has a long history of playing in bands going as far back as 1975. He has added the strength, stability and vocal agility that the band had been lacking. Since the current line-up has been together they have put together an exceptional list of original songs and started to play the clubs again. In April of 1994 CASTLE ’s shining moment was opening for the “Spaceman” himself Ace Frehley, original KISS lead guitarist, at “Obsessions” during his “Just For Fun” Tour. CASTLE opened with a set of all original songs and one cover tune — Black Sabbath’s “Paranoid”. Since that auspicious occasion the band has concentrated its efforts on recording their current songs and writing new material. They have started playing different venues in the New Jersey area and have an album entitled, ”DON’T TAKE IT PERSONALLY!“ on Solid Sound Records, with 8 hot rockin’ original songs, plus “Cheri Sunrise” an unreleased instrumental from original guitarist Billy Scott.