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Just wanted to give a shout out to all our fans, followers, friends and amazing people who pay attention.... We got nothin but love for you! We are here because of you! From the bottom of us, THANK YOU!

Mobile App

Just in case y'all didn't happen to notice or overlooked it, we've a mobile app available for you to download to your smart phone! It's quick and easy and you can stay updated and in the know. Be like all the other cool kids!

November 22nd 2013!

Thank you SO much eh'body for comin out last night! We'll say it again, we honestly couldn't be anywhere without y'all! We've nothin but love for you. Please come support us at our shows on the 6th of December at Louie G's and the 27th of December at Studio 7! We promise a grand adventure!

New and exciting

We posted our songs from 1shot Studios! We hope y'all enjoy 'em, and hey, let us know what ya think! Give us some feedback. Good, bad or indifferent! We've nothing but love for y'all and we thank you for your support!

Studio Time

We've begun recording our first demo CD at 1 Shot Studio. Mark and Allen headed in first to lay down the guitar and drum tracks. Adam and Jerremy went in last week and finished up the CD with vocals and bass. They are now waiting to finalize the recordings and then the songs should be available for digital download. More updates to follow as the demo is finished! Check us out live at our upcoming show at The Mirkwood on November 22nd. Also check out 1 Shot Studio for all your recording needs, they rock! http://1shotstudio.com/