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Sidizens Unite! We need your help, please read. Thanks

Hello Sidizens, we want to thank everyone for making Uncle Sid over 11000 fans strong and we did it the old fashion way, asking you personally for the most part to be our friend and fan of our band. At the moment we are on a mission to tour England. All we're asking 1100 out of the 11000+ fans we have to help us with our mission with a $15. donation to our cause. With your contribution you can help us have a successful tour and you can be a part of this journey across the pond. We truly believe that you are there for us and we thank you for that. We've been told this is where our market is for our music and we feel very positive that this is so. As most of you know we are an Independent band, so it's a lot tougher for us to get over a few of these financial touring hurdles. We know with your help this band can be very success there! We also know for some of us it's hard times and we understand. If you can't help financially, all we ask is that you share our campaign link on any/all your social media you have, as this will give us the best chance of having a successful campaign. Uncle Sid is working very hard at making this awesome opportunity the best chance of getting an Agent and or Management to get us to the next level in Europe and other markets. We have contacted a few business people to see us when we're there with the hopes we can get on a few Festivals around Europe in 2019. Your contribution will help us continue touring and help us keep building our fan base around the World. You can make a difference, please share a little love and help us tour England.

We hope with all our hearts that we have at least 1100 Fans that will help us.

Cheers to you all and thanks for helping keep Rock'n Roll live and alive!

Horns Up Sidizens!

Uncle Sid

Keep Rockin with Uncle Sid, you'll be glad you did!


*If you have any questions, please contact us at info@unclesid.com

Time Flies

Sidizens ! Can you believe It has already been 1 month today that we shared the stage with Uriah Heep! The band took a short break after that gig but now we're back on track! With several confirmed UK dates and a few new tunes on the burner, Uncle Sid is getting ready to conquer new ground.

Living the Dream

Hey rockers and rockettes ! ! Its been a while since we reached out to you all but we're back with some more great news ! First off we are beyond excited and honoured to be the opening band for the legendary Uriah Heep at the Vogue Theatre this April 28th 2018!! Tickets are about 80% sold so don't wait any longer. Get em while theyre hot ! All of us in Uncle Sid would like to thank MRG Promotions and Uriah Heep management for giving us the opening slot ! We are ready to rock and hope to see all you familiar ..and new faces out there !! Also , we just got some amazing new merchandise in so come see us at the merch table after the gig to grab something cool or just to say hi! We love all of you from us here in UNCLE SID ! Horns UP! \m/ :)

Thank You Thank You Thank You Sidizens!

Sidizens Thank You so much for being on this Rock'n Metal journey with us! Uncle Sid just made it to another milestone! We've reached 10,000 Fans here on Reverbnation! Please share this message and our page with you friends so we can reach our goal of a 100,000 Sidizens :) We are working on our European tour as we speak, so if you know any one in the UK and Germany those will be our first stops :) If you get a sec please leave a comment at www.unclesid.rocks we love them ;) Peace to everyone and have a great 2018!

Back from Japan

Hello all you beautiful people! Uncle Sid is back from Japan and let us tell you it was the experience of a life time. ! We had a lot of help from some amazing people like "SHo" and "Yuta" and lets not forget "Shadow" ....But it doesn't stop there! We were very well received and our tour for next year is already in the works among other places but thats another story;) So thanks to all the live venues and their staff for the great sound, great response and energy, and for being very accommodating! Upon re entry into the vancouver stratosphere we had a successful come back gig at PUB 340 with some great bands and staff who also delivered the goods and helped make for a great event... not to mention the beautifully talented and sexy go go dancers to inspire and motivate just a little more ; ) In other news Uncle Sid is back in writing mode along with interviews and album reviews .. so if you feel so inclined at your best convenience , like now ;) check out page 113 of this great magazine called Fireworks! Thats all for now ! https://deref-mail.com/mail/client/fusl6yakfKw/dereferrer/?redirectUrl=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.rocktopia.co.uk%2Findex.php%3Foption%3Dcom_rokdownloads%26view%3Dfile%26Itemid%3D733

Uncle Sid getting ready for Japan ! One week left !

The band has been working hard on both ends of the spectrum promoting and rehearsing tirelessly as we count down one more week until we kick off our Japan tour !! Help us out sidizens by spreading the word by sharing our songs with your friends and giving them the link www.unclesid.rocks! Following Japan we will be working on the UK and Germany with two great prospects in booking us. Things have never been better for the band in this past year. We've met a lot of great people in the industry and with your help we can keep the fire burning bright ! We love you all !

Horns Up! \m/

New album, new songs, new tour...

Hey Sidizens, It has been a while since we've posted but here we are again with some exciting news to share. The self titled album "UNCLE SID" was released very recently and its up for grabs on CD Baby!. There are still 4 tracks to check out from album at www.unclesid.rocks and the newest tune "The Road" which is still a free download... but not for long.....Also on the website are10 confirmed dates in Tokyo, Japan!!! Beginning this September 8 2017! Like and share our Facebook page and please share share share the songs with your friends and family !! Keep head banging guys and Up the Horns!

Horns Up Turning heads

Hey everyone ! Horns Up is receiving great reviews so far and we would like to thank you for listening and helping us keep the rock n roll Torch burning. Check out this link for a review from a Rock Blogger https://therockinchairblog.wordpress.com/2017/01/23/uncle-sid-new-song-horns-up/

Thanks Rockin chair blog from Uncle Sid. :)

We're also making new friends in Scotland! A one Rockfiend Publications has taken a liking with our new rocker and an interview is in the works.

Also our first single Code Blue is still making love to your ears as just recently it was nominated as the staff top pick on Radio Airplay. So thanks all you sexy staff members Uncle Sid loves you too !

Some good news for us and more coming on the horizon. We just finished mastering another track and are just about ready to complete tracking the last three songs for the album. Our next step is to start touring overseas where we are getting our most active response and feedback. So please check out our IndieGOGO page https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/uncle-sid-seeking-music-lovers-help-us-tour-japan#/ as we are seeking everyone's help to get us to the next level in touring and in our career. Thank you so much. Keep it real !!

Uncle Sid Indiegogo Campaign

All right Sidizens , the latest studio album from Uncle Sid is near completion and our next tour is on the horizon. ! But here is where we need all of your help! See Uncle Sid is known in different parts of the world like Japan, South America, Australia, parts of Europe and the USA. So the next step is for us to take our show and new album on the road and cover these parts of the world with the goal of reaching a new and larger fan base. Our first major endeavour is set to take us to Japan where we already have a radio presence. All we need is some financial support to take us there. We believe Japan will be a very good market for our genre and will further bring the band to the next level in the industry. We thank you for any contribution you can make and that includes simply spreading the word !! So please take a few minutes and check out our link on Facebook to the Indiegogo page. http://www.facebook.com/UncleSid1 https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/uncle-sid-seeking-music-lovers-help-us-tour-japan#/

Uncle Sid thanks you in advance and we wish you all a merry christmas!! Peace love and rock and metal!!

Horns UP \M/

Greetings all you sexy rockers ! Uncle Sid is pleased to announce the upcoming release of a brand new track on December 19th 2016 . This song is just another little taster from our anticipated self titled release in spring 2017, and a tribute to the indomitable force in the hard rock and metal universe that was Ronnie James Dio who is unfortunately no longer with us. A man who's vocal style and power influenced generations to come and whose music and lyrics took us into realms of fantasy and adventure. He is ours and so many others' favourite! SO get your ears and beers ready! This Monday I want to see those Horns Up!

Cheers (b) Frankie Scars \M/