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Director TianLiang Maa 馬天亮導演

Professor TianLiang Maa is a Taiwanese social reformer, philosopher, photographer, cinematographer, and film director; a naturalist, occultist, and Taoist. In 1982, Maa developed a technique for abstract photography, applied “Rayonism” into photographic works. Maa staged 32 individual, extraordinary exhibitions around Taiwan, who was the first exhibitor around Formosa. Maa’s works is the beginning of modernization in the modern abstract arts in the world. At the University of Oxford, Maa’s attractive topic was “A View of Architectural History: Towns through the Ages from Winchester through London Arrived at Oxford in England”; also an author at the University of California, Berkeley and the University of Michigan in the United States; an alumnus from Christ Church College at the University of Oxford in England, the University of Glamorgan in Wales, and National Taiwan University in Taipei on Taiwan. Maa’s works have been quoted by the scholars many times, making Maa one of the highly cited technological, artistic, and managing public administrators in the academia. Maa now live, and work in London, the United Kingdom, and most currently engage in Maa’s vocational professions of “Consultant of Immigration and Translations”. Additionally, a professor, Maa’s skills and expertise are business management and consultant, political philosophy, Chinese classics, Chinese humanities, modern Chinese language and literature, photography (portrait, fashion, commercial, digital, architectural, abstract photography), visual arts, and filmmaking. Maa was listed in “Taiwan Who’s Who In Business” © 1984, 1987, 1989 Harvard Management Service.


個人專長: 企業管理及顧問, 人事管理; 公共關係戰略規劃; 方案規劃和組織, 活動組織和執行; 攝影 (人像, 時裝, 商業, 建築, 抽象, 數位); 電影製作; 視覺藝術; 圖像處理; 社交媒體部落格, 企業博客; 電腦圖形及網頁設計; 企業社交網絡, 社群網站; 社交媒體諮詢, 社會媒體宣傳; 商業廣告, 廣告管理; 網絡營銷分析, 網絡視頻營銷; 現代中華語言及文學; 中華經典 (古典漢學, 文學, 藝術, 語言); 中華人文; 政治哲學 (西方, 臺灣, 中國)。

Build a modern society with “Touching Fairness and Justice”. “Touching FAIRNESS and JUSTICE” Feel good about themselves, but do not know the sufferings of the people... Who can get easy life like them? What is profile of modern society? What type and style is truly solemn for this society identify? Where “the characterization” is? Who can see? Did you see it?

建立一個《感動的公平與正義》的現代社會。 《感動的公平與正義》 自我感覺良好, 不知民間疾苦... 誰能得到安逸的生活如同他們一樣? 這是個什麼樣子的社會? 這個社會認定什麼樣的類型和風格是真正莊重的? 「特徵」在那裡?誰可以看到?你看到了嗎?