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Pres Pub with Agori Tribe

Our Memphis friends Agori Tribe came to jam tonight at our hometown venue. Coincidentally this was the twentieth show we've played as a band and boy was it special. We had a lot of familiar faces smiling and plenty of new friends grooving with us all night long. After an amazingly successful show Friday night at The Acoustic Coffeehouse in Johnson City, TN we can happily say we had a great weekend and we hope all of you did as well.

Our Purpose

As a band we strive to bring a unique entertainment experience to every live show. This includes not only an amazing musical escapade, a heavy collection of smiles and dancing but also a professional business manner, one in which punctuality and preparation are paramount. We understand you have a business to run and we seek to make our booking/playing process as simple and streamlined for your appreciation.

a collection of friendly smiles, and a heavy dose of pillaging. While the music will always come first in our minds we are not so daft as to believe compensation will never be addressed. It is our purpose to provide you with a musical experience worthy of your payment. A live show full with fans, funk, and figs.

We believe punctuality is as important to our success as stage presence. Negotiating fair terms for all parties involved in a gig is as paramount as practicing our songs every day. While our sound is our ticket into a venue we believe our professionalism is what will get us invited back. For as much fun as we have in this industry, we are still working when we are on stage and the better product we can bring, the happier our customers will be - fans and venues alike.

A properly booked gig We believe While you would book us because you like our sound, you are also hoping for a promising monetary return as this is a business no matter how we look at it. We understand this and approach every opportunity with clear goals and open minds. It is our goal to play you a show that will not only bring a smile to your face, but money to both your wallet and ours, as well as fans to your venue.

on our music we incorporate a versatile business mindset whenever making decisions. This enables us to ensure we are not only playing for ourselves but also for the venues, promoters, and of course fans who give us the chance to play. No matter how you look at it, music is a market. With that in mind we consider our band a business. We invest heavily in it, approach our gigs with patience and energy, and pay close attention to every detail along the way.

prefer to incorporate smart business practices into our culture as a band as well

As a band our music is an emotional outlet, however we view our band also as a business and as a business

Music is our creative outlet and we will forever protect it as such, but it is also a monetary machine in many ways, especially for a young band on the rise. While we do not make decisions about our music solely for the money we do understand that to sustain our music we need to monetize it. With this in mind we strive to bring you a show that will not only bring a smile to your face, but money to both your wallet and ours, as well as fans to your venue. We strive to bring our audience a unique, exciting, and positive experience through our lyrics and music.