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Ghosts in the Machine

I was aiming for Halloween but wrapped up a week late. Dystopian electronica in 6/4 overlaid with a John Bonham-like 4/4 drum beat. The 4/4 over 6/4 is creepy enough, but I added some ghostly synths and distorted blurps and bleeps for good measure.

From NCIS to BMW

I set out last weekend to create a techno/house theme for an NCIS / Alias / CSI type show, but I think I ended up with something more resembling a BMW commercial. Regardless, I'm happy with the result and plan to post the track tomorrow after I finish the Copyright Office registration.

On to the next track!

I finished 'Ultimatum' this past weekend and am satisfied with the result. I recently upgraded my soft synths at home with the addition of Komplete 9 Ultimate, and it is evident on 'Ultimatum.' Heavy use of KONTAKT 5, Absynth 5, Evolve Mutations, Session Horns, AR Modern Drummer, Scarbee bass, & The Giant. Needless to say I am enjoying the new toys!