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November Fun While Waiting for Santa!

These past couple weeks have been an absolute blast! The band and I have been pleasantly busy and are so excited for more of our upcoming shows! October was a good month for us. Our show in Prescott, Az at the Great Outdoors Festival was so much fun. The weather was beautiful and everyone was so nice. The Ashley Wineland Trio also had a wonderful time playing in San Tan Valley for the YMCA and Sheriff’s department. It was a fun show and the crowd was so much fun to jam with! Now we are almost halfway through November! How does time fly by so fast? This past weekend, the Ashley Wineland Trio played the night away at one of our favorite venues: House of Brews in Gilbert, Az. Not only was everyone jamming with us during our acoustic set, but the staff dished out great food and awesome service. Definitely check out House of Brews if you are ever in the East Valley of Arizona! There are two more events that I am stoked about this November: opening for the Bellamy Brothers November 16th and playing at Glendale Glitter’s opening ceremony! November 16th the full band and I will be spending the day at a joint called the Hitching Posts in Apache Junction, Az which some of you might remember from my previous blog post. The Post has a little something for everyone! Come on out and enjoy some renown pizza; as well as, the upbeat partying show happening that day with not just the Ashley Wineland band, but the Donny Grubb Band and of course the BELLAMY BROTHERS!! Glendale Glitters will be hosting their annual lighting ceremony November 28th in Downtown Glendale, Az. This event really showcases the beauty of the town and is a blast. Downtown Glendale provides many activities and treats for everybody in attendance. On the 28th my drummer Nick Sanderson and I will have the honor of gracing the stage and playing some classic Christmas tunes! I encourage those who can come out, do! I don’t say this just because I’m playing either; Glendale Glitters is a beauty like you have never seen before, so come on out and enjoy the day with us! While we are talking about upcoming shows, in December the Ashley Wineland Trio will be playing at the Future for Kids Annual Golf Classic on the 12th to raise money to benefit children in need. Also, I will be performing at the Festival of Cheer for Benevilla on the 13th. More info on my upcoming events can be found on my calendar on the homepage of the website! Thank you all for your support! Keep and eye out in your inboxes for some free Christmas song downloads! I hope to see or hear from you soon!

Sept Blog post.

Holy schmucks Batman! September has rocket launched into a crazy start. I’ve never been so happy to so busy in my whole life! The Ashley Wineland band has just been on a high speed chase of shows and events. Can you even believe that this is the way it will be till the end of October?! This first week of September has been nothing short of go-go-go. On the 3rd, Nick (my drummer) and I played an acoustic set over at Nestle Toll House Cafe by Chip Westgate Tanger. It was a great time jamming in the cafe and indulging in some oh-so-bad yummy goodness. This weekend the band and I took a road trip up north to a town called Cottonwood here in Arizona. It was there that we took the stage at Az Rhythm and Ribs Festival. It was a rainy kind of day, but that did not stop the music and fun everyone was having! While we were there, I got to not only play on the same bill as some big Nashville acts but meet them too! Friday I was lucky enough to meet Austin Webb, a young spitfire making his way in the country spotlight. Saturday was just as eventful. Benton Blount and Kristian Bush were another two great artists I got to meet. I even shared a merch. booth with Benton Blount (he also borrowed my guitar capo)! These guys are the quintessence of professionalism, and I look up to them very much. I also had the opportunity to meet and hang out with some new fans! It’s moments like these that I live and work so hard for! All of you make my career worth it! Then on the 7th we headed to Apache Junction for another show. At the base of the mountain you will find the greatest and ever expanding joint: The Hitching Post. The atmosphere at the Post was just insane. Everyone was so kind, and the service and food is to die for! The band and I had a great time playing and partying with everyone! Now we are charging forward for all of our future events! September 20th I will be back up in Cottonwood to do the National Anthem for Thunder Rally. Also, the next full band show is October 12th at 2 o’clock at Watson Lake in Prescott, Az. This event is going to be so much fun, especially for the family! There will be things like a zip line, horse back riding and a ton more. You can find more info HERE. I’m so excited to be out and about doing what I love, and I want to share it with you! To make sure I’m doing my job and giving you the best fan experience possible, I would appreciate it if you would fill out the little survey below. Have a great September! :D

Recap of July and Upcoming Events

Hello , This past month has been just been busy busy busy. I’m excited to share what has all happened this month. To start things off, I spent a whole week in the studio recently. That week was spent writing 3 new tunes that I’m stoked to share with you guys. If you would like to hear a snippet of some of the new songs, leave a comment below and let me know! Also, the band and I had a great time at Lake Pleasant’s Fireworks and Cruise-In on July 3rd. It was a great show, and we had a great time partying with everyone (even if it was 110 out). Though, about an hour after our show a really bad haboob hit and blew away everything! But, after all the chaos the fireworks show still happened. I have to say, it’s one of the best shows in all of Az. Now, the band and I are getting ready for our next big show! We will be playing at Arizona’s Rhythm and Ribs Festival September 6th (more details can be found here). We will be going on Sat at 4:30-5:30. Also, Benton Blount is performing at 6:00 and Kristian Bush of Sugarland hits the stage at 8:30. Come join us in Cottonwood for some killer food and music. That’s what I’ve been up to recently in a nut shell. I can’t wait to share all the new things that are going on! Until next time! P.S If you haven’t already, go sign up for my fan club! You’ll get special behind the scenes pictures, videos, blogs and deals!

June Update

Summer time is here and you all know what that means: more music and fun! The Ashley Wineland band is starting our new ventures. June has so far been absolutely amazing! This past weekend I was so blessed to spend my time with a great band called Mogollon (links to their website will be at the end). On the 7th I got to step in and play with them at Chilleen’s on 17 up in Black Canyon City, Az. It was an absolute blast, and everyone there was as sweet as can be. There was never a moment when people weren’t dancing. Sunday, I also played with them at a benefit for an amazing man by the name of Dennis Beye. Now let me tell you a little about Dennis. Dennis is a man who has spent his whole life dedicated to helping out disadvantaged children. Over the past 20+ years he has held Toys for Tots drives and has raised millions with his volunteer work. He is now facing financial struggles, and we took it upon ourselves to help him out. The benefit was full of fun and joy;as well as, great music and some killer raffle prizes. I was so excited to meet everyone there and welcome some new fans to the “family”. Despite it being 108° outside, I would do it all again. At the end of the event, we had raised over $3,300 for Dennis Beye. With that being said, the band and I have some fun events coming up that we are working hard for. On July 3rd we will be opening up for Mogollon at Lake Pleasant. It is going to be a really fun day, and I promise two high energy shows that you’ll love. There will be food vendors, tons of water slides (for all ages ;) ) and a killer firework show right off of the lake. The band and I will be starting at 5pm, and we all hope to see you there. Also, I will be singing the National Anthem before the fireworks show. If you would like more information on this event, I encourage you to go check out my events calendar where all the information will be. If you would like to get some behind the scenes action (videos of the band rehearsing ect.) building up to the show, go sign up for my fan club! You will get weekly to biweekly emails on what’s going on with the Ashley Wineland Band and much more! Again, I hope to see you at the show! Mogollon’s Website: http://www.mogollonband.com

I Want To Be Music City's Next Star

March 2nd @7:30 pm March, My 30 min Feature show will air on Channel 5+ in Nashville.The show will feature some new songs from the soon to be released album "Family Business" and the Red White And Blue video.I had a great time doing this show and was honored to meet some great people.So make sure you tune in! http://www.newschannel5.com/category/278026/i-want-to-be-music-citys-next-star

Bill Luke Bass Day's

Excited that the band is booked for a fun filled weekend at Bill Luke Bass Days March 14-16th! The fun starts Friday night, the 14th, with the Dina Preston Band @ 6pm, and Saturday Mogollon will hit the stage @ 6pm! Be ready for two great shows! I will wrap it all up on Sunday @ 1pm before the awards show.

Bill Luke Bass Days is the Southwest's largest family fishing tournament and festival - held March 14, 15, 16 at Lake Pleasant. This year's is sure to be one of our biggest events! For the fishermen we are featuring over $50,000 in cash prizes.Go to http://shakerattleandtroll.com/ for more info. http://www.billlukebassdays.com/ Hope to see y'all soon!

Family Business Cd Release party.

The release party for my new album" Family Business" is sch for March 1st. I can't wait to share it with y'all. The New Website will be up soon, Keep your eyes open for upcoming news,It's going to be a great year!

New Album

New record "Family Business" will be back from the Mastering facility tomorrow......Woot!!! We will then send it to the Replicating Facility. Should be on itunes and other Digital Distribution by February. :).

Alvarez Guitar

I Just received the New Guitar Model #AF66CESB From Alvarez and it's amazing the sound is very rich and deep i just don't want to put it down. If you looking for a guitar check out the new lines at Alvarez.http://www.alvarezguitars.com/

Alvarez Guitar

I'm glad to announce that I'm now an official Alvarez Guitar Breakthrough Artist (this is a very selective group). I'm proud that this company, with such a rich history in the guitar business, has the confidence in me to represent their brand. I'm looking forward to a long partnership. My first guitar was a Alvarez; the sound and quality is amazing, and I still play it today. Whether you're just starting or a seasoned musician, they have a guitar for you. Please check out the links below and support this company.