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Classic N series Thomastik-Infeld

Clear, warm sound. Classic N Series from Thomastik-Infeld are heavy duty nylon strings. The bass are available as flatwound or roundwound. The treble strings are made of selected nylon. Classic N Series are easy to play and give the player a high-quality classical guitar strings at a budget price.

I have just purchased some of these highly rated Classic N series Thomastik-Infeld CF127 Chrome will keep updating as the insane testing gets under way ! PEACE

Conde Hermanos medium tension

I was luck enough to play my good friends flamenco style guitar in the holy spirit church in Portsmouth two weeks ago, he told me about the strings on his axe and spoke very highly of them, he always changes his set of strings before a concert and these are what he used, 'Conde Hermanos meduim' I LOVED THEM! A beautiful and soft feel and the tone... though I think a lot was from the settings on his lush Line 6 and beautiful acoustics in the church ! here is what I found online about them

Felipe Conde Strings The Hermanos dynasty have manufactured remarkable concert instruments since 1915. Their guitars have been used by famous guitarists such as: Niño Ricardo, Melchor de Marchena, Manolo de Huelva, Mario Escudero, Sabicas, Regino Sáinz de la Maza, and Paco de Lucía. Available now are three tensions each of their classical and flamenco strings. Imported from Spain, these are the same strings that are used on the guitars in their workshop.

D'Addario Strings

String Construction Construction is a key component to string performance. D’Addario offers a variety of construction methods to help you achieve your perfect tone and feel:

Basses Round Wound – The most popular and universal construction delivers that traditional textured feel most players are familiar and comfortable with.

Lightly Polished - We start with a finished round wound string then precisely flatten the tops of the windings through our unique polishing process. The result is strings with a smoother feel and reduced finger noise with the flexibility and tension of a round wound string. Great for recording!

- They sell well

I have played with many of these D'Addario strings and in the music industry they are considered standard or most commonly used as they actually are really reliable, pretty much any guitar store would stock this particular string make, I wouldn't say to anyone not to try them out, always good to experiment :)

La bella medium tension strings

They are actually great, easy to work with, I picked up a pack from Kimbers Keyboards in Fareham for only £9, through hours of playing over the last couple of days they havnt caused any agro as are so easy on the fingers !

La Bella Medium Tension Classical Strings

this is the first two weeks of testing out classical guitar strings ... first ones to go through ultimate testing are 'La Bella' Medium tension strings, I will post what they are like to play, what their tone is like and how well they last, watch this spot for more info :) PEACE