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Jon Hunter / Blog

Guitar Tip #5

Ok it's 1am your playing your guitar and you notice your sound is a little muddy then it dawns on you these are the strings the guitar came with when I got it. now you have a new problem which kind do I get? now which kind to get is a matter of preference but you just got started so for the beginner I would recomend Ernie ball slinkies #10s they are priced very well and durable to withstand your abuse and they have a very good sound.

Guitar Tip #3

Ok here's a good way to learn the notes on the neck of your guitar, start with the open E on the sixth low string pluck the note then pluck the 7th fret on the A string they are both E notes then search out every E note on your guitar and do this several times after awhile you will know we're every root E note is this technique can be applied to all root notes ,after you have learned all root notes it will make learning chords slot easier hope this helps

Guitar Tip #2

Ok this is a common issue when you first start learning to play you have tuned your guitar but for some reason certain chords still don't sound right, well the problem may be due to your guitars intonation. what is intonation? intonation for the guitar is pitch accuracy adjustments in the bridge, neck and nut at the head of the guitar, commonly the bridge is usually what needs to adjusted have your instructor check it and teach you to adjust it when it's adjusted you will see a world of difference in your chord quality.

Guitar Tip #1

When you sit to play extend your left ( or right if your left handed just follow the tip the same )arm forward an inch while keeping your fingers on the chord your trying to learn your fingers will start to stretch and your wrist will overextend, now pull your arm back slowly until your fingers fit securely on the chord your trying to play at first your wrist is gunna feel a little stressed but keep at it till you get used to the position. Hope this helps if doesn't let me know their are more methods to help you.