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Airplay for MSF's "So Many Ways": 100.1 THE EAGLE, San Diego, CA 101.1 FM KLOL, Denver, CO CYBER MUSIC BOXX, Palmdale, CA DOMINION GLOBAL RADIO, Houston, TX KILT FM, Dallas, TX KROC FM, Louisville, KY MASSIVE ROCK RADIO, New York City, NY MIX 96.5 FM, New Orleans, LA WBAC-FM, Milwaukee, WI WLIV FM, Phoenix, AZ Z100 ROCKS!, Indianapolis, IN

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"Affection" a cut from Musiciens Sans Frontiéres new album "Spread Some Love" is currently receiving airplay at following US radio stations: 103.1 KISS FM HOUSTON, TX; 92.9 THE MIX HARTFORD, CT; CHOICE 107 COLUMBIA, SC; DOMINION GLOBAL RADIO HOUSTON, TX; HOT 102 JAMZ NASHVILLE, TN; KTMR-FM TRUE MUSIC RADIO CHARLOTTE, NC; MEGA 95.5 FM BALTIMORE, MD; PARTY 105.2 GREENSBORO, NC; POWER 99 JAMZ HOUSTON, TX; PURE SOUNDS RADIO CHICAGO, IL; REX XM LOS ANGELES, CA; V-100 FM RICHMOND, VA; WILD 98 DALLAS, TX; WVIB - VIBE 106 BIRMINGHAM, AL; _______________________________ Airplay for MSF's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" is also at the following stations- please call & request- - _100.1 THE EAGLE in San Diego, CA - 101.1 FM, Denver Co. - KLOL 96 FM THE BEAT Las Vegas, NV - KILT FM, Dallas, TX - KJX-FM, St. Louis MO - KROC FM, Louisville Kentucky - MASSIVE ROCK RADIO, NYC, NY, - REX XM, Los Angeles CA - WLIV FM, Phoenix AZ _FM4, Vienna, Austria


The music video "So Many Ways" was just selected to its fifth film festival, this year, and will be screening at the 2013 Philadelphia Independent Film Festival at the end of june. As "Spread Some Love" gaining more airplay around the globe (w/3 new radio stations in Germany), the next record is in the works. MSF has been playing select shows at The Bitter End, Spike Hill and WARSAW.