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Former guitarist of Arsin

EBAY REVIEW: A CD that's called Beyond, but should be called "Beyond Rare"! You're looking at the five-song indie release by Canada's Arsin. Now, in the past, I have received a lot of e-mails from desperate collectors who assume that, because I'm Canadian, I can find this CD easily... or pull it out of a hat like a magician. Let me set the record straight... this is NOT an easy CD to find. No wonder Heavy Harmonies has no database listing for it. Furthermore, of all the members who post their collections on that site's message board, I only found Arsin's Beyond on one or two lists. If only collectors like you knew how good this one is. The chorus of Now's the Time is like a powerful street drug... it hooks you fast and keeps you coming back for more. For anyone who can't hear the sample, this song blasts off with nothin' but the layered, chorus vocals, only to launch into a commercial, feel-good guitar riff. Highly reminiscent of K.K. Wilde (with higher vocals and better production) or Lancia at their radio-friendly best. The whole CD is as good as the song you heard here. Big vocals, hooks hooks and more hooks plus screamin' guitar solos that will take your breath away. Released in the mid-90s when the hair metal/glam scene was on four flat tires, this band would been the cat's pajamas in the late 80s or earlier half of the decade. Collectors who are lucky enough to have this CD cling to it passionately... the many who don't are encouraged to take advantage of this chance to finally own it. One thing for sure, this one is not on GEMM or Musicstack and may never find its way back to eBay ever again!