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Psyche's Soul Journey

This work is an exploration of a contemporary woman's spiritual journey using the ancient myth of Eros and Psyche as a template. If you're not familiar with that story, see my web site for a synopsis, or read the book, "She" by Robert Johnson. In this work, I musically explore different stages of growth that women pass through using different wisdom texts from the Bible, the Urantia Book, the I Ching, and my own journal writings. I'd love to hear your comments about it and find out if your story resonates with this in any way. For the story of Eros and Psyche, go to www.francyl.com. For the music of Psyche's Soul Journey, stay tuned!

Self Forgiveness

This Saturday, June 9. I'll be giving a seminar on Self Forgiveness with Marv and Gard at Stillpoint Center for Spiritual Development in Las Vegas. This will be our second seminar on forgiveness. Last time I spoke on Dr. Fred Luskin' book, "Forgive For Good." Dr. Luskin heads the Stanford Forgiveness Project and his studies and processes for leading people through a process to forgiveness of others is truly amazing. This time I'll be talking about the sources of our own lack of forgiveness toward ourselves. We will look at family of origin history, damaging adult relationships, self-condemning theology, personal story-telling and the process of gleaning wisdom and hope from past failures. And yes, I'll do some singing. I hope to see you there! Francyl