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I Could Have Been A Dreamer

We have recieved the license confirmation to distribute the Cover/Tribute to Ronnie James Dio "I could Have Been A Dreamer"! Its official the song will be on Virtual Insanity!!! This made my day!!

Less than a Month until Virtual Insanity

We are getting close Holy Crap! This is exciting!


There are so many bands in the ClevelandArea, that play out on a regular basis, and work their asses off trying to bring people their art. It is an absolute honor for Nevermet to have reached the top 20 in the area since we have not released our album yet, nor have we even met to plan a show together. We thank everyone who has supported this band and hope the success will continue. For anyone who has not liked our facebook page, or started a reverbnation account and fanned us there, I can only say "What are you waiting for?" In one month The Nevermet Nation is schedule to rise up and take over the world, Dont get left behind Stand up and say "I was there"!!!!!!

Rock On \m/\m/ Al Diamond Phillips

So Far Away

I was listening to the song So Far Away, from Nevermet - Virtual Insanity, and I have to say "This Song Is Bad ASS" Just a shitload of Raw Emotion. I'm really happy the way it turned out, because it has specific meaning to one of the guys in the band, and its great that we were able to do it justice! I get that you dont know what I'm talking about, but you will in 32 short days!

33 Days!!!!!

Only 33 more days until the release of Nevermet - Virtual Insanity!

CD or Download

If you were to buy, and this is of course hypothetical, the Nevermet album Virtual Insanity, would you prefer a CD or the album as a download. I am just wondering what should get the most attention. It will be released both ways, but originally I was thinking that the package release should have some special stuff on it since people were buying a hard copy. After hearing the way the dick release is coming along, I feel I should make it the same no matter which format someone buys. Let me know your thoughts.

New design for Nevermet Women's Tee

Talking with my wife, she said she would never wear the Nevermet Tee because she didnt like the Skull, so I decided to take the skull off the front and just go with the Name. The Font is actually Old English to give it that DIO vibe, but the Pic doesnt show it for some reason. http://www.reverbnation.com/store/view_item_merch/artist_2494846?item_id=1511798

Two Years Gone

Today marks the anniversary of the Death of Vocal Legend Ronnie James Dio. As many know Nevermet had planned to release the album Virtual Insanity on this day. Unfortunately we were unable to make the deadline, but We still want to take a moment to reflect on Ronnie's passing. Nevermet was born on the RJD forum, and we were allowed to grow on the site over the years. All of our communication started there, our first song was produced based on that communication, and our name was given to us by Dio fans. We will never know for sure if Ronnie actually paid attention to wjhat we were doing, however we will always choose to believe he did. So many people have told me they have tried to do what we have done, only to have it fall apart, because of the logistics of writng and recording with people you have never met. I always tell them that the reason this project works is because of one factor. We are all fans of Ronnie James Dio, so we all think in a way that others may not. Ronnie's music was inspiring to us, and set the path for us to follow when creating our own music. I will always be an fan of Ronnie's 50 years in music. He touched my life in a way no other artist ever did. When Virtual Insanity does come out (July 10th) it will be dedicated to him and the legacy he has left us!

Whats in store

Now that we have bumped back the release of Nevermet - Virtual Insnity until 7/10/2012, people are asking whats going to be better about the album. Although I wont go into specific details, I will say, the extra time gives us a chance to add somethings to the album versions of the songs, things that you wont get in the download format. It also gives us a chance to put together a much better overall package. We want people to get something special when they buy this album, and we want them to feel like they got their moneys worth. That is the approach we are takiing, and we hope we live up to our own expectations.

Nevermet Virtual Insanity Release moved back to 7/10/2012

We have been working very hard at getting the album together, but because we are an Independent Band, and do not have armies of people doing things for us, it has become appearant that we will not be finished in time to release the album 5/16. So we are moving it back to the next most important date to a DIO fan. Ronnie's Birthday. The extra time will not only ensure the album is put together the right way, but will also give us time to throw in a few extras to make up for the wait! We appreciate everyone's support, and rest assured that time will fly by and before you know it Virtual Insanity will be available!

Al Diamond Phillips