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We are competing and need your help...

Hey peeps! We are competing in the Hard Rock Rising 2012 Battle of the Bands and need your help to win. The grand prize is playing at a 3 day music festival in Hyde Park London this summer. The current phase of voting will get us on stage to do an in person competition at the Hard Rock Houston. then we go to phase two and compete nationally. We desperately need your help.

From iPhone/iPad you will have to go to Safari and log into facebook. Scroll to bottom of page and use full site not mobile site. From a droid phone you have to change your browser settings and uncheck Mobile view. Then log into facebook and click the link here and you should be golden!

So here is what you need to do.

1. Make sure that your current city on you FB profile is set to something within 100 miles of Houston and not blank...

2.click this link. http://www.facebook.com/hardrockcafehouston?sk=app_205164529573076&app_data=artist%3A2098211

3. Like the Hard Rock Houston Page

4. Click the download button for the Hollow Point song Walked Away. YOu should see a notification to share and then a thank you for voting box.

Thanks a million! Steve, Jonnie, Jeff and Ron

If you had trouble voting or said you were out of the market area please try again today. Make sure that your current city on you FB profile is set to something within 100 miles of Houston and not blank...

http://www.facebook.com/hardrockcafehouston?sk=app_ 205164529573076&app_data=artist%3A2098211

Time Flies

Wow, here we are December 13, 2011, seems like just yesterday was New Years. Hollow Point has done some really cool stuff this year. After a brief hiatus, we reorganized the band adding Ron on bass and began writing music, now we are recording and releasing that music...

Being in a band with lifelong friends is one of the most awesome things because we all bring our influence and each of us respect what we collectively bring to the table. As we discuss arrangements we are brutally honest with each other because it is about the music. We plan on entering the studio in early 2012 to have a full album mixed and mastered, so you may want to download the rehearsal sessions we post. The finished product may not be arranged the same.

Enough about us, tell us what you have done this year. Anything cool or exciting?