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Fans of Jimmy Century / Blog

Fans of Jimmy Century @ The Viper Room Hollywood 7/24/10 @ 8:00pm SHARP!

Fans of Jimmy Century LIVE @ The Viper Room Hollywood 7/24/10 @ 8:00pm SHARP EARLY SHOW! Current mood:Viperized. Category: Music

Hey funky cold-hearted medinas! Road trip Hollywood! Fans of Jimmy Century hits the mean streets of LA performing live at The Viper Room July 24th at 8:00pm sharp!

This is an early show so park your car, get your cocktail on, and get ready to dance. Remember, the show starts at exactly 8:00pm on Saturday night July 24th!

AND even better…the venue has graciously given us UNLIMITED GUESTLIST! If you get on the guestlist you will bypass the $15 door fee and get in absolutely FREE! You MUST submit your name by email to: Fojcguestlist@gmail.com OR RSVP as “attending” to the Facebook Event Invite located here: http://www.facebook.com/fansofjimmycentury#!/event.php?eid=111576742223090&ref=mf

Please submit your name for guestlist by 4pm day of the show!

Livin' in the WILD WILD WEST ;).

Download Hot Sahara for free to raise $507 for Haiti. No $ Required.


If Hot Sahara becomes one of Top 7 downloads on Playlist 7 sponsored by Windows 7 & Reverb Nation for this week thru 1/25 11am EST, the $507 prize money given to us will go to Mercy Corps Earthquake Response Fund.

PLEASE DOWNLOAD at the FOLLOWING LINK: http://www.reverbnation.com/playlist7?artist_id=201690

(You can sign in to Windows 7 easily with Facebook, Myspace, or Twitter.)

Please SHARE this link & post on Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, anywhere!

Thanks everyone! If you're low on funds to donate to Haiti, this is a great way to contribute...

Head Go Whoosh EP featuring Lola Like This & Hush Madame X now available ;)

Head Go Whoosh EP featuring Lola Like This & Hush Madame X now available ;)

You can pick up the new EP/singles at Itunes, Rhapsody, emusic, and Amazon - we hope that you'll dig the new songs! Lola Like This is very indie disco - get out your roller skates!

Leak our new songs...and hear them first ;)

News and blogs.  Blogs and news.  it's all the same right, so it drives my OCD crazy repeating myself and not truly understanding which goes where.  so for the purposes of keeping things straight, the news on our website will stick to the band & what's going on...while we reserve the right in the blogs section to go off on tangents when the news page bores us.

3 of our new tracks are finished for the most part, "Lola Like This," "Hush Madame X," & "International," are pretty set, save for International needing a structural overhaul.  There is nothing worse than predictable structure and I should probably re-sing the choruses - they sound like I have oatmeal in the my teeth.  We're working on 3 more right now "Mustang," "Crushes & Crashes," and "Prince of Love," which might turn into 2 - so we can finally get our groove things back on that stage.  If we don't get back out there soon in front of an audience, I'm going to forget all those suggestive icebreakers.

And, finally, we're not ones to ask for help.  But when we decided 2 years ago to go independent, we didn't anticipate the titanic proportion of work to be done.  And we would appreciate nothing better than a few of you who might spare a couple moments every once in a while to slip our music subtly into conversation....during sex, whatever you spend most of your time doing...please take us with you and tell your friends online and off ;). 

we can give you some tips on what might help us the most - you can either contact us directly for more information or sign up for the street team here at Reverb Nation - just click on street team and set up your own profile if you don't already have one (i think you can also click on "add to email list" and check the box that says "interested in street team."  we'll be leaking new songs through you so you'll definitely hear them before they're officially released.

Big thanks to everyone who's been registering over at our official website and we promise we'll be here, there, & everywhere to update from here forward ;).


The Girls of FOJC are fighting for position...

So "Hush Madame X" is a wrap now. Bino's coming in tomorrow to lay his Latin hotness down guesting on "Lola Like This" (Slick Vic Remix)- Vic still hasn't decided - Slick or Sick? Next on the block is "Mustang" - I guess you could say that that song's actually about a boy this time. I hate to break my track record with girls. Madame X, Lola, and Hot Sahara are a handful, but they keep life interesting and a little bit promiscuous. It's hard to keep songs under your hat, but we think you'll really enjoy the originals and the slew of hot remixers working these songs. 3 more songs to finish & that's March. April we'll shoot a couple of videos, work on the new production & then perform our little summer hearts out. G'night...

01.23.09 The Latest Twist

it’s been a while, right? i guess the updates stopped when our van got stolen from our building’s garage in jack london square. that set the mud flaps in motion for us to get out of our lease & into a dillon beach rental - stroke of luck & we’d like to graciously thank both the hayward slime who used our van as an accomplice to steal other vans & Mercury’s descent into retrograde causing our downward spiral from 9/24-10/15/08. Mercury’s in retrograde again until 2/1/09 so if you’re tripping over your own thoughts…in a word, don’t trip. so is everyone else. besides, with Obama sworn in now, 2009 already smells better.

january 2009 was the longest month & I love that. highlights? victor quit smoking, we finished up our new song “International,” & will release it in March, the swearing in of Obama was flubbed & makes that moment eternally endearing, & happy man - the manifestation of our rental house’s energy - has made several appearances already. only victor can see him - he’s wildly tall which fits since our landlady designed her house in an octagon shape w/ a 30′ vaulted ceiling. vic says he looks like a cross between howard stern & joey ramone. he doesn’t reveal himself to me because he knows it might make me afraid to take showers at night. but he does let me know he’s there in other ways. today we trekked down “last breath” hill & when we got back, a chair was moved up near the window for a better ocean view. no, we didn’t move it. happy man was also protective enough to turn the stove down to low when we left eggs boiling on high & fell asleep for 30 minutes - the eggs turned out perfectly & the water never evaporated. so, now that we’ve shared with you the fact that we see dead people, let’s move on to the music.

before all the moving & settling in took priority we had several groovy things happen that we never told you about. the Oakland Tribune did a very cool interview with us, as did The Contra Costa Times , and American Airlines added “Blonde Ambition” to their in-flight radio station Paste Beat Channel 5 - it’s airing now in January & February.

our first single last year, “Hot Sahara” climbed to #23 on the dance radio charts, was featured on The L Word and Ugly Betty, & made it onto the final ballot for Grammy nominees in the Best Dance single and Best Dance Album categories - we didn’t make the cut for the final 5, but the newspapers said we did & if it’s in print, it’s the truth. at DJ Expo 2008 in Atlantic City, we were invited to speak on the “Clubland’s Hitmakers” panel alongside Lady Gaga & Jes. i think we were a bit nervous - by the time it was over, i was clinging to Jes so tightly, i was actually sitting in her lap by the end. and why do i think Victor was nervous? because at the end they asked us all what our favorite songs were and vic said “walkin’ on sunshine”…of course Katrina from Katrina & The Waves just happened to be on the panel too.

my love potion emotion for the evening: holiday eating has rendered my favorite black cigarette pants useless and i can’t zip them up.

we're working on a new web site. we’re all about interactive in 2009 because we’re tired of talking to each other & would rather talk to you. you can become a free member, create your own profile, comment on many site areas, & receive a couple of free downloads as we write them. you will also have the option to be a paid subscriber where you can pay $26 for the year which will not only gain you access to all areas of the site, but will also give you the ability to download all Fans of Jimmy Century songs to date and many songs from our previous band, Simon Stinger. as a subscriber, you’ll also have access to all of our videos with the ability to edit and mix them within the site to save as your own projects. we’ll be doing live streaming rehearsals of a brand new live set for 2009 once a month that you’ll be able to check out and running live chat during the rehearsal so you can tell us where we’re screwing up.