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gigging again

Ok it's back on the horse . . .regular solo gigs at the Great Northern hotel in Sth Grafton, probably Friday nights and Sunday arvos.

Gigging again

Oh well it looks like my little rest from the professional stage is over . . . .back to work at the Great Northern in Sth Grafton supporting "Bears with Guns" on August 9. Should be huge. I think I'll just do it with the 12 string until the fingers give out, then move to the six. Hey it's only a 40 minute set . . .I might do it all on the 12!

Home is where the heart is

Some lessons can only be learnt from experience . . . .Melbourne is an experience, but Kungala is home. Floods, storms, widow makers, who cares? gimme the bush over the city anyday. I'd rather cark it in the bush than live in a city . . . .GET ME OUTTA HERE!!!!!!!!!. . . .soon puppy, soon.

bush mechanic

As you can see by the photo over there, I live in a beautiful place . . . .perfect except when you have to crawl underneath the car to fix the exhaust. Anybody got a spare bit of level concrete?


I've been on stage earning what passes for a living as a muso since 1976 but this internet thing is still new to me. I LOVE this reverbnation thingo . . .what a great community of artists! Thank you Dave Jeffree for getting me on here. Has anybody seen Lula? . . . .nobody seems to know where she is.


Now I'm excited! . . .How many cane toads can you fit in the average freezer? GET ON THE BUS DARYLL!


These songs were written between 1976 (Hymn for the Earth) and 2008 (Fool for Charlene). The only reason they are here is because I sent them to my good mate Dave Jeffree for a bit of a listen. Dave, it seems has become a bit of a wizard with mastering software and he did a lot more than listen!