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working on a new album

This is Chris, just wanted to let everyone know that I am hard at work in my secret laboratory writing and producing the next Dreaming album. Not sure when it will be done and released but I will let you know how it's going from time to time!!

Susi VH
Susi VH  (about 5 years ago)

Great news! Even greater because it's my birthday today! Can't wait to hear new songs <3

Mailing list

Hello Everyone,

It's me, Kathy, coordinator of The Dreaming's street team. I noticed something today while reviewing all our information here. Not all of you have opted to join the mailing list. Having this information will help The Dreaming and I to stay in touch with you. With the prospect of another tour in the future, we can easily send out an email alert to those fans who live near an upcoming show venue. This way you won't be posting a comment two months later about how bummed you are that you missed a show and begging The Dreaming to come back to your area soon. So please, join The Dreaming's mailing list and please include at least what state you live in.


Kathy a.k.a. Mom Coordinator - The Dreaming Street Team

SLC Show cancelled. Sorry everyone

So we woke up at 6am after drinking until 2am to make a 10+ hour drive to Salt Lake City to open for Dokken and unfortunately we have hit one of the worst accidents any of us has ever seen on the 90 freeway in Montana, happened about 3 minutes before we got here. I am actually sitting in the van on the freeway after just walking a mile to see what exactly was going on (but Brent how do you possibly have internet on your computer in the middle of the freeway in Montana... quiet my child haha!). Basically a Semi with 2 Tankers collided with a poor little truck that had a camper shell on it on the opposite side of the freeway and somehow ended up across our side of the highway with car parts spread everywhere and a guard rail that looks like it was bent in half by the incredible hulk, very Terminator 2 looking. The good news.... no one was hurt YAY! The bad news.... we can't make the SLC show tonight AND were out of beer, FUCK! We ARE still on for Denver however I guess Salt Lake will just have to wait until the next run. If we only would have left 3 minutes earlier this morning it would have been behind us, or maybe it would have been us UGH!! Maybe it's a good thing it's in front of us.

Sorry guys!!!!


We'll be giving out free posters on Saturday at The Whisky, just find Meghan at our merch booth upstairs then find us to sign it. It's a one time only poster we are doing just for this show!!! See ya there

In stores...

Our debut album "Etched In Blood" will hit stores across the country on June 24th. It will be for sale at Hot Topic, Best Buy, Borders, Barnes & Nobles, Amazon, iTunes plus a few other major retailers. We are encouraging all our fans to purchase from Hot Topic if possible, as a band we support 100% what Hot Topic has done for music. They will be carrying a Dreaming t-shirt in the near future as well so keep an eye out for that.

If you were a taco, I'd eat you alive!
If you were a taco, I'd eat you alive!  (over 9 years ago)

I'm making friends get your cd, seeing as how I've already gotten it.

Check out the new message boards for the street team

Ok Boys & Girls,

The votes so far said message boards and/or AIM chats. Soooo.......

Here's your new message boards: http://thedreamingstreeteam.darkbb.com/index.htm

I think I dolled them up pretty nicely if I must say so but if we have an graphic design gurus who want to create some far less lame ranking icons than the boring default stars I chose and conjure up so really amazing avatars...please go for it .

I'll keep a watchful eye over the next few days and start designating mods. I think 3 will be good for now.

You have been emailing me with some great ideas but the point here is to (1) share these ideas with each other because (2) I have something in the works. It will be a reward challenge involving recruiting. But I need to hear back from the guys before I can post it.

Oh and the part where you're gonna hate me? I going to post this same bulletin in a million places and email it to you all so that hopefully the boards will get rolling.

Kathy Your lovely and adorable street team coordinator

p.s. if we need more forums added, please let me know. Thanks.

Check out our perforrmance on 106.5

An in-studio acoustic session and interview.


Thank you,

The Dreaming

Got some loose change layin' around?

Hey Boys & Girls,

There's an addition to The Dreaming's myspace. Yeah, the "DONATE" button is back. Seems the decision is to try to replace the van, which for those of you who don't know was purchased by fans donations. They're not asking for your life savings. $10 or $20 bucks helps. For every 100 people who donate $10...that's $1000. And in their usual fashion, they're even saying thank you with a CD or some other merch.

So, come on. Thursday is usually payday. So click the button and toss a few ducats their way. And then ask your friends and family to do the same. Remember...the pay-off is more tours!!!

Peace out Erin & Kathy Coordinators-The Dreaming Street Team