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Rehearsing New Material!

Jeremy, Jonathan and I rehearsed several new songs today at Jonathan's studio, Corvidae Music. It was the first practice for the three of us in a couple of months, although Jonathan and I had worked on about a dozen songs while Jeremy was away in Peru. All things considered, the tunes are sounding great. It was fun to sing the stuff with two guitars ringing in my ears and Jeremy's sweet harmonies. There is enough quality material for a third album. We're hoping to get some help from Factor this time around. Will need to record two tracks for our submission at the end of June. More news to follow shortly. Cheers, Frank

#3 at CHUO 89.1!

I just found out that the title track of No Way In, No Way Out is getting serious attention at the University of Ottawa radio station CHUO 89.1. We're currently sitting at #3 on the station's top 30 charts. Check it out and support a great campus radio station: http://chuo.fm/ Here's the complete list of songs and artists: CHUO Charts 06/05 TOP 30 1 – PS I Love YOu — Death Dreams — (Paper Bag) — CC 2 – White Lung — Sorry — (Deranged) — CC 3 – Sills & Smith — No Way In No Way Out — (self-released) — CC 4 – Various Artists — Nightwaves Compilation 3 — (self-released) — CC 5 – Spiritualized — Sweet heart, Sweet light — (Fat Possum) 6 – Japandroids — Celebration Rock — (Polyvinyl) — CC 7 – Kalle Mattson — Lives in Between EP — (Parliament of Trees) — CC 8 – Grass Widow — Internal Logic — (HLR Records) 9 – Pujol — United States of Being — (Saddle Creek) 10 – Cold Specks — I Predict a Graceful Expulsion — (Arts & Crafts) — CC 11 – The Pygmies — The Pygmies — (Sloth Records) — CC 12 – Del Barber — Headwaters — (Six Shooter) — CC 13 – Myelin Sheaths — Do The Mental Twist 7-inch — (HoZac Records) — CC 14 – Amos the Transparent — Goodnight My Dear… I’m Falling Apart — (45 Records) — CC 15 – Yukon Blonde — Tiger Talk — (Dine Alone Records) — CC 16 – Archie Powell & The Exports — Great Ideas in Action — (good land records) 17 – Cold Warps — Slimer b/w Dream Creepin’ — (Fundog) — CC 18 – Various Artists — 15 Beauty Tips for Modern Music Lovers — (The Beautiful Music) 19 – King Tuff — King Tuff — (Sub Pop) 20 – Lefty McRighty — Nashville Roadkille — (self-released) — CC 21 – Safety Show — O’Burro! — (self-released) — CC 22 – Nihiti — For Ostland — (Lo Bit Landscapes) 23 – Cobra & Vulture — Vocare EP — (self-released) — CC 24 – Cheap Time — Wallpaper Music — (In The Red) 25 – Skinny Bros — Fat Tunes — (Silence D’or) — CC 26 – Liars — WIXIW — (Mute) 27 – Evans the Death — Evans the Death — (Slumberland) 28 – Camouflage Nights — Camouflage Nights — (Sonic Unyon) — CC 29 – Moonface with Siinai — Heartbreaking Bravery — (Jagjaguwar) — CC 30 – Daughn Gibson — All Hell — (White Denim)

No Way In, No Way Out on Jango Internet Radio!

The trippy title track to our new album No Way In, No Way Out has been released as the second song from the disc on Jango Internet Radio. I'm Right Here, also from NWINWO, is currently in regular rotation there. You can hear both tunes, along with the music of other alternative rock bands like REM, Radiohead, Death Cab for Cutie and U2. Here's the Jango URL for those who don't have it bookmarked and aren't subscribed: http://www.jango.com/ Check out Jango and show your support for our music.

CKCU Radio Interview with Dean Verger!

Many thanks to Dean Verger at CKCU Radio (93.1 FM) at Carleton University for hosting Jonathan and myself on his show, the Monday Special Blend this morning. We discussed the new Sills and Smith album No Way In, No Way Out (NWINWO) with Dean and he was kind enough to play A Writer's Retreat off our Uncertain Vista disc and three songs from NWINWO: Saturday, the title track and These Ghosts. You can listen to the program online at: http://cod.ckcufm.com/programs/43/7754.html for the next 30 days. Just select CKCU On Demand Listen Now at the top of the page. You'll hear several minutes of the BBC World Service News -- which you can advance past -- and then our 25 minute segment. Dean was especially generous with his time and such a congenial interviewer. I must say the chap is an awfully natty dresser for radio. I came in unshaven in a ratty old pair of jeans and Mr. Verger was in his Sunday best. I spent the first couple of minutes looking around for the cameras, thinking I was in the wrong studio :) An edited version of this program will appear on our Reverbnation page soon. Cheers, Frank

CKCU radio interview on Monday, April 30th

Jonathan and I will be doing a live interview in the studio with Dean Verger at CKCU radio (93.1 FM) at Carleton University in Ottawa at 7:00 a.m. on Monday, April 30th. Dean's show is called the Monday Special Blend. We'll be talking about the new album No Way In, No Way Out with Dean and he'll be spinning a track or two from the disc. You can listen to CKCU on the radio or online: http://cod.ckcufm.com/programs/43/info.html Cheers, Frank

A Writer's Retreat video featured on New Musical Express site!

Exciting news today folks! Our music video for the first track of the Uncertain Vista (2011) album, A Writer's Retreat is now being featured on the New Musical Express (NME) website: http://www.nme.com/nme-video/youtube/id/lNp7iW06Y7g New Musical Express is the most prominent music publication in the United Kingdom. The magazine was first published in 1952. The NME website is now the world's most visited music site with over 7 million users per month. Hopefully a few of those music lovers will watch and enjoy our video.

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VThat's Epic news - congrats!

I'm Right Here on Jango Internet Radio!

The oh so romantic song I'm Right Here, which is track #7 on our new album No Way In, No Way Out, is now in regular rotation on Jango internet radio. You can hear our tune along with the music of other -- slightly more famous -- alternative rock bands like REM, Radiohead, Death Cab for Cutie and U2. Here's the Jango URL for those who don't have it bookmarked and aren't subscribed: http://www.jango.com/ The melodic, hooky I'm Right Here should be a good song for Internet radio afficianados to dip their toes in the music of Sills and Smith. We do have a soft and tender side, when all is said and done. Next time around, however, we may unleash something a little more sinister from the disc like the hair-raising, driving rocker Pain. Check out Jango and show your support for our music.

Would It All Be Different? on Scottish radio tomorrow!

The proggy Would It All Be Different? from our new album No Way In, No Way Out will be played on the radio in Scotland tomorrow (Saturday, April 14th) on the Pulse 98.4: http://www.pulseonair.co.uk/ "The Saturday Sandwich" is a program hosted by Chas Cunningham of The Skunnerd band. The show broadcasts in East Renfrewshire from 11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. (which means a 6:00 a.m. start for us in Ottawa). It has a wonderful, entertaining format, combining live music with Chas and various talented friends and pre-recorded songs. The land of the finest single malt whisky is home to even finer people and tremendous music. Chas has already played three songs from our Uncertain Vista disc on his show, so I guess that means he likes our music. If you're not in East Renfrewshire within radio signal distance, just tune in online as we'll be doing this Saturday. Sills and Smith will be having an early breakfast -- perhaps with a side of Haggis --with the Saturday Sandwich this weekend.

Ottawa alternative rock band Sills and Smith releases "No Way In, No Way Out"

Ottawa, March 14, 2012 - Sills and Smith have released their second studio album called "No Way In, No Way Out." Thematically, the album is a desperate cry from the wilderness for a kinder, gentler, more caring world. The new disc has 15 original songs and over 53 minutes of tuneful, diverse music. The styles range from gentle folk, to prog. rock to alternative rock and all points in between. The album comes rocketing out of the gate with Melancholy World and Open Season On Love and rocks pretty hard throughout. But it also showcases beautiful, quiet tunes like These Ghosts, Radiance and Life In Miniature, epic numbers such as the title track, No Way In, No Way Out and the album's six minute centrepiece, Would It All Be Different? The disc features Jeremy Sills on vocals, acoustic and electric guitars; Frank Smith on vocals and Jonathan Edwards contributing acoustic and electric guitars, drums, bass, keyboards, piano and vocals. Edwards, an integral part of the Sills and Smith band, is again on board as multi-instrumentalist and producer. The band recorded at his studio, Corvidae Music from December, 2011 to February, 2012. "No Way In, No Way Out" is a follow-up to "Uncertain Vista," released in 2011. For a debut indie recording, that album garnered considerable critical attention from music bloggers. In December, 2011 "Uncertain Vista" made respected T.O. Snob's Music blog's, Best of 2011 list ahead of albums by heavy hitters -- on major labels -- including Thurston Moore and Canada's Dan Mangan, a Polaris Music Prize nominee. While "Uncertain Vista" has mostly short songs, a number of tunes on "No Way In, No Way Out" have extended instrumental passages and complex, layered vocal arrangements. The album is a natural progression from "Uncertain Vista" and finds the band firing on all cylinders, with a powerful set of songs, top-notch musicianship and production. "No Way In, No Way Out" is sold digitally through CD Baby, iTunes, and Amazon and other major online outlets. The beautiful digipak edition is being printed and will be available at the end of March in select music stores and from CD Baby. Six tracks from the album are posted for preview listening on the band's Reverbnation website. For further information, contact: sillssmith@gmail.com http://www.reverbnation.com/sillssmith

High Tide from Uncertain Vista on King Minion Podcast #6

The dreamy, pastoral folk piece High Tide, from our Uncertain Vista album, is now featured on the sixth King Minion Music Podcast. We are so excited that the King chose our song to be showcased with tracks by such terrific bands/artists including: Aoede, Dandy Distorted, Di and Sven, Lilac's Daughter, Kevin Looney, Khamsina, The Fishcakes, James Ferris Group, Fetal Zombie and Hetty Lane. Check out the podcast and you'll experience wonderful tunes, tips for indie bands and a really professional show: http://kingminionmusicpodcast.blogspot.com/p/episode-6.html Two other songs from Uncertain Vista, Angry Geezer and A Writer's Retreat appear on King Minion Podcast episodes #1 and #3. Listen to the King Minion Podcast and demonstrate your support on Facebook for this initiative that presents opportunities for independent artists to be heard. The King Minion Music Podcast is being operated out of Victoria, British Columbia -- so it's proudly Canadian -- and is connected with a boutique label called V1 Music.